Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Teenage College Girl 2023

A “chocolate & roses” duo is a good idea to give away to a teenage girl at any event. But don’t you think it’s too generic and will give the special girl in your life the signal “I don’t know what else to get you instead of this”?

Well, if you’re in the dark and can’t think outside the box, we’re here with 15 unique gift ideas for teenage girls for Valentine’s day to any occasion. 

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for a college student or for your teenage daughter, this list is going to be a useful helping hand.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Valentine Gift To A Teenage Girl

  1. Before you get anything for a teenage girl, whether she is your daughter or a college student, bear in mind that get her something value-oriented. Even though how tough the girls claim themselves to be, they are still sensitive and emotional and moved away over tiny things. Anything memorable that would make them feel “you’re so special to me” might take your girl on cloud nine.
  1. On the flip side, we can’t ignore how showy teenage college girls could be. Sometimes, they want to show off to other teenage girls in their circle what they’ve got from their parents or their boyfriends. So, keep in mind to give her something feminine and classy. 

Below are some of our favorite options that every parent or friend can choose to give valentine’s day gifts to college students.

Top Recommendations 

1. Scented Soap Roses

Scented Soap Roses

Roses don’t let you fail when looking for romantic valentine’s gift ideas for your teenage college students. But here lies the twist, these aren’t natural roses that will lose their scent after a couple of days and wither away. These are flower-shaped scented soaps that would smell so good that a teenage college student can’t resist ignoring the person who gives them to her. A go-to option for turning the young lady’s mood on. 

2. Photo Frame for use with Instax

Photo Frame for use with Instax

It couldn’t be any better than a photo frame where she can capture her most cherished memories. Consider this option right away if you haven’t found anything mind-blowing for your teenage daughter. With its golden frame and 6 polarized pictures, it’s going to be a classy addition to your daughter’s room.

Trendy Gifts For Teenage Girls

Every girl is different. Some like to get romantic stuff while for others, empirical things matter the most. Teenage girls, like other women around us, in general, don’t show their consent on one idea or a thing except for trendy fashion.
Therefore, to celebrate the fashion sense of every teenage girl, we have compiled the following list. This list includes some trendy ideas to consider as Valentine’s day gifts for college students.

3. Tie Dye hoodie

Tie Dye hoodie

Hoodies don’t get outdated. Neither Tie n Dye does. So, nothing could be a more trendy gift for a teenage girl than this. When the teenage college student will wear it with a denim jacket and skinny pants, she is bound to attract everyone’s eyes towards her. Having a perfect fitting, it remains breathable and feels comfortable after wearing.

4. Fashion Sneakers

Fashion Sneakers

Treat your girl like Cinderella by giving her a pair of shoes. However, college students wouldn’t like to make it in high heels. They prefer wearing sneakers and these fashionable sneakers would simply blow away your grown-up princess whenever she will use them. Stylish and comfy, these sneakers will take care of her beautiful feet.

5.  Diamond studded Analog watch

Diamond studded Analog watch

The girls love diamonds and they value time. And to impress your young Miss, you can think of getting her a diamond-studded watch. This watch will brighten up her delicate wrist while letting her know how precious she is to you. Being water-resistant, it will stand against the test of time. Thankfully, it never catches scratches, as well. For college students, it makes one of the best gifts for giving away.

6. 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women

100 Tales of Extraordinary Women

Teenage girls, like boys, go through different challenges. Being a parent, you need to understand how to help your growing girl through this sensitive phase of her life. Instead of letting her find all the ways on her own, inspire her by giving her this book. This book features stories of women who had made their names in history. We hope your young daughter will conclude the good message out of this great book.

7. Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair

Looking for a novel gift? Pick it up and thank us later. The teenage college girl can easily carry it on her college camping trip as it has a space-saving design. Or she can hang it somewhere in her bedroom to enhance the interior. It is different since it’s relatively more beautiful and comfier than other options in the market. It utilized soft cushioning to make sitting as comfortable as possible. With vibrant hues, it will add a more aesthetic look to the environment.

8. Stackable Jewelry Tray

Stackable Jewelry Tray

Isn’t this cool enough if all of her jewelry gets organized in a jiffy? Certainly, she would like to appreciate the thought behind this stackable jewelry organizer you’re going to get your girl this Valentine’s day or Christmas Eve. It comes with a mirrored lid and 4 sections for sorting out all of her jewelry items. Once she puts all things categorically, she will thank you later on for making her life easier than before.

9. Beanie & gloves set

Beanie & gloves set

Since it’s Valentine’s day, she needs to feel more warmth and kindness. Being this, giving her a combo pack of a beanie and gloves would make absolute sense. Thankfully, this particular set doesn’t give an impression of antiquity. Since it’s stylish and comfortable, a teenage college student won’t mind wearing it.

10. Sleeveless party dress

Sleeveless party dress

To look stylish in the classroom, teenage girls like to wear shorts or skirts. But for wearing on valentine’s day, they do need a stylish party dress. And this party dress is the one that would accentuate the curves of the girl who is getting older. If you know what color she loves the most, select from an array of colors to make her happier.

11. Hair straightener

Hair straightener

Hair straighteners are a trending gadget for girls. Don’t consider this option cheesy since a hair straightener as a gift makes sense. It’s a lifetime investment thing for her. The college students not only use them for straightening hair but for making curls into the hair. So, if your girl likes to do hair styling, then you should get her this practical gift. So every time she will get her hair done, she would save some hundred dollars that she might have to pay for hiring the services from a haircare salon.

12. Scented candles

Scented candles

Candles make a great gift option for her. And when scented, meanings get more powerful. For telling her that she has a special place in your heart, get a teenage girl this beautiful gift. Being long-lasting, scented candles make a memorable gift. The coolest thing is these candles make a budget-friendly option.

13. Star Projector Night lamp

Star Projector Night lamp

Lamps make a universal gift. A gift you can consider giving to people of all ages. And when it comes to giving a night lamp gift to a teenage daughter or a teenage college student, this particular pick is going to save you from the hassle. It’s beautiful, practical, and emits romantic lights in her room whenever she is going to switch it on. With its spinning and color-changing buttons, the young girl can be as experimental as she wants to. To illuminate the darkness of her room, this is a go-to option.

14. Gel Nail Polish kit 

Gel Nail Polish kit 

Nothing could be more alluring to a young girl than wearing a perfect manicure on a romantic date or a routine college day. So, if you know your girl loves nail art and spends a lot to get one, get her this gel nail polish kit. From pastel colors to solid colors, there’s a perfect nail mani shade to meet the ever-changing mood of your teenage girl.  Being gel polish, it remains chip-free for nearly three weeks. Yet don’t forget to tell the receiver to use it with ultra care.

15. Beauty Fridge for Skin Care

Beauty Fridge for Skin Care

If you want to create your spell on her, then instead of giving her a makeup item, go beyond and get her this beauty fridge. This fridge maintains a 50-degree F temperature where she can keep all of her skincare products safe. There are different sections for keeping all skin care products organized. Apart from this, it is portable and she can lug it anywhere she likes. One of the best valentines gifts for college students since they are never short of beauty products. 

Final Thoughts 

The list can go on and on since teenage girls get obsessed with the very idea of turning into women. They want their wardrobes to be more dynamic and trendy, their rooms more classy, their smart gadgets more innovative yet stylish, and so on. You can’t seem to run out of ideas when giving something memorable to a teenage girl.

Nevertheless, no matter how much money you spend on getting something for them, they might get happy about taking their favorite fudgy brownie from you. What matters is, the love you put in for giving them a gift.