21 Best Senior Softball Gift Ideas in 2022

The best thing about softball players is that they are fiercely loyal and passionate about their sport. They eat, sleep and breathe softball (figuratively of course, not literally!). And you might assume that this would make gift-giving pretty simple and straightforward- get them something that is softball themed and they will be over the moon! However, when you focus on senior players, getting just the right thing to show them the support that you have for their athletic spirit can be quite a tough row to hoe. 

Therefore, in order to save you some time, we have come up with 21 incredible gift ideas for that special softball senior in your life. However, before diving in we would like to reflect upon some key pointers that could guide you through the gift-purchase process.

A 3-Step Guide to Getting the Perfect Present for a Softball Player

  • Player Position: First and foremost, you must consider their player position in the game. Are they a batter, a pitcher, a catcher, an outfielder or a shortstop? This might require you to Google some of the basic rules of the game but getting them a present that perfectly aligns with their game position makes all the effort worth it. On the contrary, imagine how awkward it would be to get a batter, a customized ball!
  • Level of expertise: Another important factor to consider is how good they are at the sport. Are they a beginner? Getting some training equipment sounds good. They are professional softball player with dozens of years into the game? Maybe something memorable to remind them of the good ol’ days.
  • All-Time Favorites: Every player has set their eyes on something- it could be a sports jersey signed by their favorite player or a very expensive piece of sports equipment. Getting them something they have always wanted would truly make them happy.

Top Recommendations 

The list of the best gifts goes on with the most unique and trusted handpicked ideas. However, these two are our top recommendations for a piano aspirant:

1. Softball 3D Night Light

Looking to gift something that is both unique and useful? This 3D illusion night lamp is highly recommended! The lamp’s acrylic flat board is laser engraved with a softball player that lights up to create a mesmerizing 3D visual effect. The lamp is fully remote controlled and comes in 16 different color settings and 4 different flashing modes for a truly versatile nighttime experience.

2. Custom-Made Senior Softball

When focusing on senior softball players specifically, this is definitely one of our favorites. Ideal as a senior night or end of season gift, this customized softball is a creative and nostalgic arrangement of some of their top games and the most memorable moments of their softball career. This one is guaranteed to bring tears to their eyes!

Personalized Softball Gifts

3. Personalized Softball Name Art

Personalized gifts are the best! Gift that incredibly special softball player in your life who also has an appreciation for artwork, this personalized name art. It uses elements from the game to spell out their name- how unique and creative!

4. Personalized Softball Jersey Name Necklace

A stainless steel necklace with a baseball pattern that can be personalized with the player’s jersey number or any lucky number makes for a stunning gift. The great part is that both men and women can wear it. And not to forget, at $25, it is a real steal!

5. Personalized Softball Print

For a retiring senior softball player, this one is an excellent gifting option. The vintage look of the print will resonate with the nostalgic and bitter-sweet end of their career and it can be personalized to add their name, date of retirement and a heartfelt message.

Softball Game Accessories

6. Hand Grippers

It is inevitable that the more digits are added to their age, the weaker their body tends to become. Simultaneously, exercise and training become more relevant and crucial. With this set of highly-effective, hand grippers they can easily exercise on the go- whether they are on the field or at home. Perfect for exercising one’s fingers, forearms and wrists, these steel grippers increase at 50lbs increments to keep them physically challenged.

7. Easton Softball Bag

Old people love organizational items- there is no doubt about that. However, the best part about this premium-quality backpack is that it comes with two separate pockets to hold softball bats, and the main compartment is spacious enough to hold a batting helmet and a ball glove. All they gotta do is fling that soft, padded, strap across their shoulder and they are good to go!

8. Halo Headbands

Gift-giving on a budget? This pair of Halo Pullover Headbands will get the job done. However, these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill sweatbands. They are made of a dryline fabric that quickly absorbs moisture and has patented Sweatblock Seal Channels to keep sweat away from the player’s eyes and face.

Softball Training Equipments

9. Reactive Catch Trainer

Growing age can have serious implications for a player’s reflexes. This three-pointed reactive catch trainer immaculately combines mental and physical training for improved reaction time and decision-making and better hand-eye coordination. All they have to do is toss it in the air and then call out which color to catch.

10. Inflatable Pitching Game

Who says training sessions have to be boring and tiresome? This inflatable softball catcher will give them the ultimate pitching showdown, all from the comfort of their own backyard. All they have to do is pump up the Inflataman and fill the ball cavity with water to add some weight to it and then they can pitch like pros!

11. Swing Tracker

Make every batting swing count with this Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker. The tracker has tons of amazing features like a 3D swing path model, high-definition video capture mode and a database of beginner-to-professional swings for real-time swing comparison.

12. Softball Catapult

If you are looking for some epic training equipment to gift your favorite senior softball player, then this softball catapult is definitely on top of our list. It automatically launches softballs at intervals of 8 seconds and can work for both defensive and offensive positions of the game. Besides just being fun, the catapult is also great for building visual accuracy.

13. Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Is your softball player a batter? If yes, then you can stop right here! This Easton HAMMER Slow Pitch Softball Bat is specifically designed for adults, for both recreational and competitive pitching. This bat is a real baddie- it is made of military-grade aluminum for faster swing speeds, has a power-loaded structure to deliver high power and a sleek ultra-thin handle for improved grip and comfort.

14. Softball Training Harness

Whether it is a bat, a ball or a glove, this VPX Softball Training Harness will truly revolutionize their training sessions. Without getting into the technicalities, we can say that this harness adds 4-6 mph of velocity for more powerful hits, higher exit velocities and improved launch angles. No matter what their game position is, this training harness is bound to make them better players.

Clothing & Accessories

15. Adult Compression Shorts

These adult compression shorts will give them both safety and style! They come with a Bio-flex cup that can be placed in a natural position between the legs for both protection and comfort. The shorts are also made of a premium four-way stretch fabric that moves with the body and quickly absorbs sweat.

16. ‘Never Underestimate an Old Man who Loves Softball’ T-shirt

If you are shopping for a senior softball player who has retired and enjoys a good game from the bleachers, then they are going to love this t-shirt! The ‘Never Underestimate an Old Man who Loves Softball’ print on the top is a great way of showing one’s love for the game.

17. Under Armor Softball Shoes

When it comes to athletes, shoes make for a brilliant gift. And with these Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Softball Shoes, you can never go wrong! The shoe is super lightweight, with perforations in the toe area for increased ventilation. The padded heel and cushioning in the insole provide more comfort and the rubber cleats make the shoe more durable.

Softball Safety Gear

18. Batter’s Elbow Guard

When it comes to senior athletes safety gear is particularly crucial. This G-Form Elite Batter’s Elbow Guard is just the right present for a senior softball batter. The guard features SmartFlex pads for better protection against wild pitches and has a hinge-like structure for better flexibility. And the best part? You can customize them with a print of your name!

19. Leg Guard

Here is another great addition to the safety gear genre.  This Rawlings Leg Guard is designed primarily for batters. It features adjustable elastic bands for a perfect fit and built-in shield flexes so that you are protected but not limited.

20. Defensive Fielder Mask

This one’s for the infielders and the outfielders! The CHAMPRO Fielder Mask not only has a robust construction, but it is also 30% more lightweight than an average fielder mask. It comes with absorbent pads, a chin cup and most importantly an outlet for ponytails for all the female softball players out there.

21. Chest Protector Shirt

Looking for the ultimate safety gear that they are bound to love? Get your hands on this chest protector shirt with HEX tech pads covering the sternum, heart and chest area. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable and machine-washable. Help them gear up for some wild throws with this shirt!

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, whether your gift is something practical, something that has sentimental value or something that just looks absolutely stunning; what matters is how much thought, time and effort you put in getting that special softball senior in your life, an item that will always have a special place in their heart. 

Next time you are out gift-shopping for a softball player and you feel stuck make sure you have a look at these 21 gift ideas. Also, feel free to share this article with your friends and family to help them out too!