21 Noticeable Gifts beginning with N (Adults & Kids)

Whether you are looking for a gift for a special person whose name starts with N or just someone who has a peculiar obsession with the letter, this neat and nifty list of 21 gift ideas that start with letter N is your holy grail!From birthday celebrations to graduation parties to holiday festivities, we have a gifting idea for every occasion! We have put together some brilliant gifting options for both men and women & kids and adults, so you are sorted for every gender and every age group. Let’s dive in!

Top Recommendations 

1. Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine

If you see a coffee mug on their kitchen rack which says ‘Don’t talk to me before I have had my coffee,’ then don’t even think twice before you get them one of these bad boys! That is unless, of course, they don’t already have one of these! This Nespresso Coffee Maker is quite versatile as it can brew both coffee and single and double espressos. It is a smart machine as it automatically changes conditions like coffee size, brewing time, temperature and pressure according to each different capsule. Getting freshly brewed, barista quality, at home with just the touch of a single button is now a piece of cake!

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

This one is fun and functional- providing advanced, 360o omnidirectional, noise cancellation to 90% of machine noise to high-resolution audio at its outcome. With these digital active noise cancellation headphones you can enjoy the rhythm of your music without being interrupted by the racket of cars, subways, aircrafts and large crowds. They also come in a low latency gaming mode to enter the immersive environment of gaming with a seamless music experience. 

Gifts that start with N for Adults:

3. N-initial Necklace Alesis melody Key Keyboard Piano

N-initial Necklace Alesis melody Key Keyboard Piano

An oldie but a goodie-initial necklaces make for great Valentine’s Day or birthday presents. They are small, dainty and absolutely gorgeous! This one is a stunning 14k, Gold-Filled Letter Charm Pendant Necklace that can compliment any outfit. She can pair it with a simple, solid colored dress and it will truly glam up her look. The pendant comes complete with a 14k, gold filled rope chain, a sturdy, gold-toned lobster claw clasp and beautiful gift packaging, all set to be gifted!

4. N-initial Cufflinks

N-initial Cufflinks

Looking for personalized, initial gifts for men? We have got you covered! These premium quality, 18k white gold plated, engraved, stainless steel cufflinks are a true mark of elegance. They are sleek, sophisticated and a real class apart. Perfect to pair with formal wear for different occasions like wedding receptions, retirement parties, etc. they come in a gift box for that final touch of luxury.  

5. No by Chanel

No by Chanel

When it comes to long-lasting scents pour femme, Chanel is unbeatable. And the No by Chanel is a real game-changer. It is a deeply modern, feminine scent with gentle, flirty, floral notes. Its top notes are featured by rose and jasmine while the base notes are featured by bourbon vanilla, leaving a rich, sensual aftereffect. A few spritz of this and they will smell absolutely divine!

6. Nike Men’s Airmax Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Airmax Running Shoes

For sportsmen, athletes and plain ol’ gym junkies, this Nike best-seller is the perfect present! Originally released in 2017, these running shoes remain undisputed in providing maximum support and maximum comfort- all the love of a full Air Max experience! It features a breathable synthetic, mesh upper, cushioning in the midfoot region for a snug fit and a sculpted midsole for both durability and comfort. 

7. Nuts Gift Basket

 Nuts Gift Basket

A beautifully crafted gift basket loaded with an assortment of tasty and healthy nuts- sounds like just the right thing for gifting on thanksgiving dinners and housewarming parties. The package comes with over one pound of delicious gourmet nuts, handpicked and roasted to perfection, artistically arranged in a boutique style snack tray. The best part is that you have over a dozen nut choices including toffee peanuts, salted pistachios, roasted/glazed almonds, salted cashews and glazed pecans. 

8. Neck Massager

Neck Massager

Give them the gift of ultimate comfort and relaxation with this Neck and Back Massager. The list of its salient features is long: 8 powerful kneading modes for a personalized massage experience, built-in heat function for improved blood circulation, 3 different speed settings for adjustable pressure levels and a high quality material that guarantees comfort and longevity. This neck massager is perfect for older people- both men and women.

9. Night Stand

Night Stand

If they have just moved into a new house or are looking to renovate and revamp, this set of 2 night stands is the perfect gift for a great start. They are compact, light-weight and easy to move around. They are made of pure solid wood and painted white for an elegant, modern finish. They also feature two sets of pull-out drawers, great as storage units.

10. Necktie Organizer

Necktie Organizer

Everyone loves a great organizational item! And this motorized tie rack closet is no ordinary organizer. It automatically rotates with just a touch of a button, to give them a 360o, unobstructed perspective of all of their ties and belts. It also features an LED light unit so you can have a clearer view of all your items and truly enjoy the experience of picking the right one!

11. Night gown

Night gown

A soft, comfy night gown is a perfect present for that special lady in your life! The one we have picked for the sake of this list comes in over 24 different patterns and colors so you will never run out of options to pick from. It’s always a great idea to select one that suits her fashion style and her personality.

12. Neck Relaxer

Neck Relaxer

If you are shopping for your grandma or your grandpa, we would highly recommend getting this neck and shoulder relaxer. Pair it with the neck massager and you have the ultimate relaxation package! On its own, the relaxer is ideal for restoring cervical posture, relieving neck and shoulder tension and even has a soothing effect on migraines and headaches.

13. Night Galaxy Projector

Night Galaxy Projector

Nothing sounds dreamier than sleeping under a mesmerizing projection of the night sky studded with dazzling stars and shooting comets. This night galaxy projector will make them feel like they are sleeping in a planetarium! The galaxy projector comes with a 22-key remote controller to adjust motion, brightness, speed, volume of music and lighting modes to create your own, fully customized nighttime space odyssey.

14. Nest Learning Thermostat

 Nest Learning Thermostat

At a time when climate change is extremely crucial, every little effort matters. This AI-based, auto-schedule Nest Learning Thermostat will learn from their temperature preferences and adjust accordingly. Moreover, it will automatically change the temperature of the house when they leave it. This means that they will not save energy but also save some big bucks over the years!

15. Neon Custom Sign 

Neon Custom Sign

Everyone loves a customized present! It is personal, intimate and shows how much the other person values you.  Great as both a birthday present and a wedding gift , this acrylic neon sign comes in different sizes and can be customized to add any text of your own choice. It also comes in different colors and would look absolutely stunning beaming on top of their bed or on the main wall of their living room.

Gifts that start with N for Kids:

16. Nintendo Switch

There is no denying, kids love gadgets! And with this all-time favorite Nintendo Switch you can never go wrong. It comes in a distinctive, red and blue color, has 3 different players’ modes, over 9 hours of battery life and can also be connected over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming to multiply the fun! You can gift it on birthdays, as back-to-school supplies or if they come first in class.

17. Personalized Notebooks

Personalized Notebooks

This one is a classic! Reminds us of the time when we were young and couldn’t choose between a Batman-themed and a Spiderman-themed notebook to gift our best friend on their birthday. However, as far as N-themed gifts are concerned, this notebook is a clear winner! It is a hardcover notebook that comes in Dark Brown shade, and has starry gold foil details on the cover. The initials of the recipient can also be imprinted in gold foil on the cover for a truly customized touch! 

18. NERF N-Strike HyperFire Toy

Nerf guns are one of kids’ most favorite toys- regardless of what age group they belong to! They can now upgrade their shooting game with this N-Strike Elite blaster that features Mega Whistler Darts that go screaming through the air when you shoot them. The toy also has zombie blasters for defense against a zombie invasion. Sounds fun, no?

19. Night Light for Babies 

Night Light for Babies

This 3-in-1 nightlight is the perfect present for those who are new to parenting and struggling to put their baby to sleep. It functions as an adjustable night light, a soothing sound machine and a time-to-rise alert, all that can be easily controlled from the convenience of your phone using the Hatch Baby Rest App. The best part? It grows with your baby- adjusting brightness of light and volume of the tunes according to the age of the baby.

20. National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

When gift-shopping for kids, its always a wise idea to get something that is both fun and educational. This Crystal Growing Lab Set by National Geographic will stimulate their creativity and possibly inspire a life-long love for science. It has crystal-making material in 6 different colors, as well as 4 real crystal specimens for the rock enthusiasts out there. Kids can use the LED-light in the set to flaunt their crystal sets as night lights.

21. Neck Pillow 

Neck Pillow 

Long trips require extra comfort. And this soft, plush-like pillow will give your child’s neck and chin exactly the comfort and support it requires. The curved design molds around the kid’s neck to give it a snug fit and has a built-in strap to hang it anywhere, conveniently.


Getting your hands on the right themed gift is never an easy job. We really hope that this list will make your hunt for the perfect N themed gift a little easier. If your loved ones are facing the same dilemma, share this article with them to help them out!

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