21 Stellar Moon Gift Ideas for Her Special Day

Do you have that one girl in your life that is simply obsessed with the moon? It could be your girlfriend who is always fantasizing about jumping onto a spacecraft to explore the depths of space or your beloved wife who loves outdoor dates under a moonlit sky. If yes, then stick around as we give you 21 brilliant, moon-related gift ideas that will leave the moon lover pleasantly surprised. Some of them are whimsical, others are simply stunning, but all of them are bound to make her day!

Before we begin, let’s talk a bit about how to go about the gift-shopping affair for a female lunar lover. Here are a few of our tried-and-tested tips and tricks:

How to Buy the Perfect Gift for a Moon Lover?

  • Know your Moon Lover: First and foremost, it is important for you to understand what aspects of the moon she likes. Do the different phases of the moon fascinate her? Does she prefer a crescent moon or a full moon?  Make sure you incorporate these aspects in your moon gift. 
  • Dig deeper into her Lunar Obsession: If you plan to get her a present that you know she will absolutely love, try to understand the foundation of her celestial obsession. Does she find the moon a source of inspiration and empowerment or is it merely an object she finds beautiful to gaze at? Does she talk a lot about space travel and walking on the moon one day? Information of this kind can help you get a more thoughtful and relevant present.

Top 21 Ideas for Moon Themed Gifts for Her

Top Recommendations 

  1. Moon Lamp 

This 3D printed moon lamp is a popular moon related gift choice. The lamp replicates the illumination of the lunar moon, creating a magical and calming environment. It is like having a moon on your nightstand! The lamp is equipped with remote controlled brightness adjustment and timer setting. Besides that, it also makes for a truly aesthetic decoration piece.

  1. Moon & Star Necklace

Looking for something dainty, yet blingy? This 925 Sterling Silver Moon and Star Necklace can be a stunning addition to her jewelry collection. The necklace comes in a box with a heartfelt message inside, and is made of a delicate crescent moon, encrusted with CZ stones and two tiny stars hanging by the chain- just the perfect piece of jewelry to glam up her everyday look. 


  1. Moon & Star Anklet

This one is for the anklet lovers! The 925 Sterling silver double-layered anklet captures the timeless beauty of the moon and stars. The sparkling CZ stones are skillfully inlaid to create a flawless jewelry piece. Perfect for gifting moon lovers on birthdays, the necklace comes complete with a Tiffany blue box and a polishing cloth.

  1. Moon & Star Spinner Band Ring

Want something that is chic for her jewelry collection and good for her stress relief? This handcrafted, Silver sterling spinner band ring is just the right choice! The band is engraved with crescents and stars to satisfy her lunar obsession, while its spinning mechanism can be used for meditative purposes to relieve anxiety and stress.

  1. Moon & Star Charm Expandable Bangle

Bangles make a great gift- they are not easily broken so they can last forever! If you are looking to give one to the moon loving girl in your life then this moon-themed expandable bangle would make for a particularly memorable gift. The bangle has a hanging moon & star charm with tarot symbols on the back to channel both the power of the moon and her inner goddess.


  1. Sun & Moon Phase Vintage Watch

There is no gift more meaningful than a watch. A moon-themed watch is a great way of not only reminding her of your love every day, but also the love she has for the moon. Featuring a flexible steel mesh band, and a Sun-Moon phase on the top of its display, this watch is simple yet classy- a true showstopper!

  1. Sun & Moon Tie & Dye T-Shirt

Amp up her wardrobe with this big, baggy, boho-inspired tie and dye t-shirt featuring her favorite celestial bodies- the Sun and Moon. Not only will this give her a raw and rugged look, but the material is also soft and comfortable so it can easily be worn during summers. There are also tons of different colors and designs to pick from!

  1. Sun & Moon Hoodie 

What’s more perfect than a big warm hoodie that you can snuggle into, during winters? Gift her the warmth of your love with this Sun and Moon Hoodie. Featured in black color with a white Sun and Moon pattern, this hoodie is very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different bottoms including jeans, leggings and shorts. 

  1. Moon & Stars Themed Dress

There is no denying, that girls love dresses! This gorgeous, summer chiffon princess dress is the perfect addition to a moon lover’s wardrobe. The sheer, tulle silhouette, embellished in sparkling, gold Moon and Stars embroidery and long puffy sleeves make the dress look like a true celestial beauty. The dress comes in three different colors- gray, blue and apricot.

  1. Moon & Sun Backpack 

Looking for a gift that is both fun & functional? This anti-theft backpack with a gold Moon and Sun Mandala pattern is not only a fashion statement but also a great school companion. The printed patterns are vivid and mesmerizing- much like the moon, she is in love with! The backpack also makes for a great back-to-school gift for your girlfriend.


  1. Galaxy Makeup Case

They say makeup is a girl’s best friend.  And what’s a better gift for a moon gazer than a makeup case covered in a mesmerizing galaxy pattern? This 3-tier makeup case has a sturdy finish and is equipped with a top mirror and a portable brush holder, making it the best travel companion ever!

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Is your girl both a moon lover and a spa junkie? If yes, then it’s time you got her this moon-shaped, multi-functional aromatherapy diffuser. Besides acting as a makeshift LED night lamp, it can be used as an essential oil diffuser, a personal humidifier for moisturizing your skin and a scent diffuser for some relaxing aromatherapy.

  1. Galaxy Bath Bomb Embed Bars

If you are planning to buy bath bombs for a special moon lover in your life, then we recommend adding these galaxy bath bomb embed bars to the gift. These small, space-themed embed bars can fit easily inside any bath bomb and make you feel like you are floating among the stars!

  1. Moon Shaped Healing Crystal Holder

The spiritual connection between the celestial purpose of the Moon and the healing power of the crystals makes this moon shaped wooden shelf display an epic present for an epic occasion. The holder is skillfully crafted from the finest walnut wood and can act as a charging station for her crystals.


  1. Moon phase Hanging Glass Mirror

A set of moon-shaped glass mirrors set in a rustic wooden frame-this one is one of our personal favorites! It’s not only a great decorative element to liven up her home but also an excellent expression of her moon obsession. The reflective surface of the mirrors will make the room look bigger and brighter.

  1. Moon Shelf 

There is no better way to tell your girlfriend or your wife how special she is than with something that is one of a kind. And that is exactly what this hand-made and hand-painted wooden moon shelf is! It can not only add extra oomph to your living space, but it is also quite useful for holding essential oils, crystals, plants, and other decoration pieces.

  1. 3D Galaxy Crystal Ball 

Looking to buy a present for not only a moon lover but also a space enthusiast? Add this 3D Galaxy Crystal Ball to the gift registry! Excellent for gifting your girlfriend on her birthday or your wife on your anniversary, this crystal ball has a lighting base with 7 different colors to make the solar system even more mesmerizing in the dark.

  1. Glow in the Dark Blanket

Nothing sounds better than snuggling up with your girlfriend in a warm blanket on a snowy winter night, right? This Glow in the Dark blanket is a great moon-theme gift and the ideal winter companion! Printed in a moon and star pattern that glows, this blanket can create a beautiful environment at night. 


  1. Customized Storage Box

There is something beautifully personal and thoughtful about customized gifts. It reflects upon the effort that the giver has put in to create something that is made just for the recipient.  This hand-made wooden box painted with a white Sun and Moon can be customized with a text of your own choice. Feel free to add her name or an endearing message for that special woman in your life!

  1. I Love You to the Moon and Back Music Box

Give your female lunar lover the gift of music! The best thing about this music box is that it can be customized to engrave music notes on the box and also create a customized song list. This one is an excellent gift option for weddings and anniversaries. 

  1. Personalized Star Map

Whether you are celebrating your first date anniversary, the night you proposed,  or your 5-year wedding anniversary, nothing is more thoughtful, intimate and romantic than a personalized star map to commemorate the occasion. You can add names, dates, location and a cute message to the map. It acts as both a moon themed gift and a timeless memoir.

Final Thoughts 

Next time your sister’s 50th birthday is around the corner, we hope that you jump over to this space for some epic ideas and inspiration. Do not forget that at the end of the day, whether you gift your sister an expensive watch or a $2 personalized card, it is the thought and sentiment that matters, not the actual value of the gift. 

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