Best Gifts That Start With V (Starting Price As Low As $20)

Do you want people to always have a cherishable thought whenever they come across your name? Well, a pensive and thoughtful gift certainly serves this purpose. So If you’re looking for gifts that start with the letter V, you should look no further! Below is a precise yet thorough list for all sorts of events and age groups whatsoever. So let’s begin.

Top Recommendations 

1. Virtual reality Headset

Virtual reality Headset

This is an ultimate present for a tech-savvy and fond of movies, games and music. Entailing an advanced Google cardboard, this headset is manufactured with AAA grade corrugated paper which is so far the strongest material for this product. It is extremely convenient to carry around due to its lightweight. So don’t wait further and buy this revolutionary gadget that can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.

2. Vacuum Robot

Vacuum Robot

How great is having a machine running around, cleaning your house while you relax? Well with this Vacuum Robot you can lighten your chore load and enjoy your luxury time without the hassle of vacuuming the ever-functioning house yourself. This is indeed a perfect gift that starts with V for a housewarming party.

Gifts that Start with V for Adults

3. Vintage Backpack

Vintage Backpack

There are things that never go old; and certainly such backpacks are always trendy. This classy vintage backpack is appealing to any age group. You can use it as a rucksack for hiking, camping, shopping or even to take it to your school or workplace. This bag also entails an anti-theft pocket to keep valuables like phones and wallets. Isn’t it just great? It’s indeed a multipurpose bag which is also a treat for eyes.

4. Vanilla + Sprinkles Scented Candle 

Vanilla + Sprinkles Scented Candle

Scented candles always add to the mood. Don’t they? Well these aromatic candles should be a must pick in your list of things to buy that start with V. Also, a Candle is not only a lighting utensil but also a customized and a personal gift from you would make you cross the giftee’s mind every time its fragrance unfurls in the room. These candles can be gifted at any special occasion and to a teenager as well as an adult.

5. Letter V Necklace

Letter V Necklace

Are you looking for a gift that starts with V and is also super imaginative? This exclusive and heartfelt item is beautifully crafted and ready for gifting. Gifts with such initials make a very sentimental impact so if you want to surprise any awesome lady of your life for a Mother’s Day, anniversary, birthday, or a wedding celebration, this should be your choice.

6. Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer

Indeed mankind is being innovative when such products are being launched and marketed. This vegetable spiralizer makes your life easy and saves a whole lot of time as you can cut bulk quantities of veggies in literally no time. So whether it is to turn your dinner platters into a gourmet delight, dishing the most aesthetic salads to wow your guests, or providing your family with healthy and fresh potato chips, you can achieve it all. 

7.  Versace Cologne

Versace Cologne

For a perfume lover, this cologne will take their breath away which includes a blend of evocative notes. This perfume is a perfect present that starts with V and will be a memorable gift to any man in your life. So what are you waiting for? Buy before it gets out of stock!

8. Velvet Cocktail dress

Velvet Cocktail dress

Doesn’t velvet seem to be the best choice for a cocktail party dress? We all know it’s an affirmative question. Velvet indeed gives an elitist and a classy look to one’s outfit so this range of velvet dresses in vibrant colors will help you to cherry-pick the perfect clothing for the event. Get your hand on these for yourself or to gift it to someone special.

9. Vanity Mirror with Lights

Vanity Mirror with Lights

Seeking out a gift that starts with V for a make-up fanatic? Then just forget the rest and choose this. This mirror along with lights makes it super convenient to experience your make-up journey as it entails an adjustable desk that can be tilted towards any direction you want. So just plug in the USB at your dressing table or connect with AAA batteries and you’re good to go!

10. Vegetarian Cookbook: A step towards a healthy lifestyle

Vegetarian Cookbook: A step towards a healthy lifestyle

This wholesome Vegetarian Cookbook is an assortment of healthy yet flavorful vegan 700 foolproof  recipes that are delectable yet nutritious.The book comprises appetizing pictures of these veggie-filled food that would make you cook them as soon as you find the book. So get your hand on this and move forward to a new and healthy beginning.

11. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Who doesn’t like to have a deeper sleep while alleviating their pressure points? Well everyone does! You can gift this Vivere Double cotton hammock to any insomniac, as the sleep in this cotton thread woven hammock is peaceful, it detoxifies the body and enhances blood pressure. The vibrant colors give one’s yard a radiant look. And you know what the most appealing element is? It is easily adjustable; high or low according to the user’s requirement. 

12. Velvet Vanity Chair

Velvet Vanity Chair

Having a back with scalloped edges, this vanity chair is ideal as an additional seating to your living room, bedroom or even a verandah. It is made of extremely soft touch velvet with easy to clean surface. Also, it comes in radiant colors with eye-catching metal legs. It is a delicate gift that start with V which makes you feel that you’re wrapped within a beautiful seashell.

13. Vans Unisex Slip-on

Vans Unisex Slip-on

This specific Slip-on is an epitome of comfort in the world of shoes! It is simple yet classy on its own. So if you’re looking for a present for someone who has a knack of comfy slip-ons, you should end your search right here.

14. V10 Multi-Tool

V10 Multi-Tool

This multipurpose product  is engineered and exquisitely designed to be carried in your pocket whenever all hell breaks loose of your bicycle, car or anything at your home . The best part is that it is compact and ready to go for any technical or electrical problem at hand.

15. Vase Set Rustic Home Décor

Vase Set Rustic Home Décor

Are you looking for a present which adds elegance to someone’s household? Well then you definitely should not miss out on these off-white vases made of ceramic. They are so intricately made that they can be placed on their own and also by adding a twig of faux floral or a bouquet symmetrically divided amongst the three vases. Well, it all depends on one’s creativity here to decorate it as a centerpiece of a dining table or place it on a media wall. You buy and you’ll know!

16. Vitamin C Shower Head

Vitamin C Shower Head

Do you also like to stand below your shower for a long thoughtful bath? Then you definitely need this technology for safe water over your head. This specific shower head has a strong filtration system for your bathroom mainly pioneered to eradicate most destructive minerals running in normal tap water. Vitamin C has an evident antioxidant effect which also enhances elasticity of skin, its moisture, firmness which eventually leaves it with a wow and glory effect.

Gifts that start with V for kids

17. VTech Activity Desk

VTech Activity Desk

Kids in this era need activities and toys that are not only engaging but also help in their early mental developments. This Touch and Learn V-tech Activity Desk is a complete package which includes five activity pages to explore that are filled with mind-boggling content. It includes 100+ vocabulary words, 20+ activities and 20+ songs and rhymes for the kids to have a fun learning experience. So get your hands on it as a perfect present for the kids.

18. Volcano Science Kit

Volcano Science Kit

This is a great kit for any science freak kid who has been a fan of National Geographic Volcanoes. It is certainly an exciting family-engaging activity which also involves supervising adults to promise a fun and stirring experience for all ages. In this kit, the updated mold and guidelines make it super convenient to gather a sturdy volcano form and the lifelike colors of the paints give the volcano a realistic look.

19. Volleyball


This Wilson outdoor recreational volleyball is not like the conventional dull volleyballs you see all around, rather it is a graffiti drawn ball inspired  by laidback beach vibes and scenic dusk hues. So in order to increase your kid’s outdoor time, this would be an enjoyable addition.

20. Velcro Dart Board

Velcro Dart Board

A perfect indoor game which helps in developing focus as well as the zeal to strive. This Velcro Dart board is a great game for three players which is quite easy to hang anywhere because of its light-weight. So if you’re looking for toys that start with V and entertain from kids to teens, then just leave the rest and order this!

21. Variety of Vehicles

Variety of toy Vehicles

Be it girls or boys, all the kids simply love to play with vehicles of different kinds and sizes. These attractive-colored cars are of premium quality as they are manufactured with lead-free durable metal. So if you want to create endless fun for your kids, then grab them before they run out of these friction-powered cars.

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