Best Gifts That Start With S (Starting Price As Low As $20)

To communicate your feelings for someone through actions, all you need to do is buy them a meaningful gift. People adore gifts that have genuine thoughts behind them. It is what makes them feel understood and loved. That’s why it is important to buy a gift that resonates closely with one’s personality.

If you are on a quest to buy a striking gift that starts with S, we have curated a list of ideas for you that will help you out! 


Before we move any further, let’s have a look at our top two favorite picks from this category.

1. S Letter Picture Collage

S Letter Picture Collage

If you need a thoughtful gift that starts with S, this wooden S letter picture collage is a really cool idea. You can either choose a monochrome black & white or a colored look to get your pictures printed on a wooden letter.
Its personalization is totally up to you, and you can even add quotes or names engraved on it as well. This is really meaningful gift on our list that will win anyone’s heart.

2. Shower Steamer

Shower Steamer

Showering is a necessity we simply can’t run away from. But how about we make it even more relaxing and fun?

That’s exactly what shower steamers do. If you need a gift for anyone who encourages aromatherapy and stress-relieving habits, this is most likely to be the best gift for them. Infused with high-quality essential oils, these shower steamers allow rejuvenation in the most natural of ways. Your special person will adore you for this thoughtful treat.


Here’s our take on gift ideas for adults that start with the letter S.

3. Super Minimal Name Bracelet

Nowadays, minimalist yet statement-making jewelry is in trend. This is exactly what makes this bracelet such a great gift.

You can have your loved one’s name personalized with a super elegant font featured in this bracelet. As someone who is a big fan of delicate accessories, it will most definitely win their heart. This dainty piece of jewelry will elevate any look in no time.

4. Sapphire Birthstone Ring

Sapphire Birthstone Ring

Another high-end gift on our list is this extra gorgeous sapphire ring.

If you are buying a gift that starts with S, for someone who was born in September, don’t miss the opportunity of buying this beautiful birthstone ring. People often love getting gifts that feel so intimate and personal. This ring will surely be one of their most special possessions of all time.

5. Spa gift basket

Spa gift basket

One of the most thoughtful gifts on our list today is this beautiful spa gift basket.

It is a reminder of how one needs to be familiar with loving themselves. Crafted with nourishing formulas and soothing scents, this gift offers both comfort and luxury at the same time. Whether it’s for your family, best friend, or loved one – a little pampering session with this gift basket would surely go a long way.

6. Standing Table

Sit Stand Home Office Desk with Splice Board

If you are on a gift hunt for a person who happens to be a workaholic, getting them a standing table would be a blessing in disguise.

Reliable, innovative, and aesthetic – this product is an ideal choice to decorate homes and offices. Most importantly, it is known to provide an excellent working experience.

If anything, this adjustable standing table will increase productivity and work output. Undoubtedly, this makes it the most practical gift that starts with S.

7. Snack Box

Snack Box Variety Pack Care Package

Getting a care package as a gift is never a bad idea. Especially if it’s a snack box – let’s just munch those cravings right away! 

With so many different types of treats, these boxes are great for a wide variety of occasions. Curated with all the love and care, this crave box will always help during the snacking time of the day.

8. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban Rb3016 Clubmaster Square Blue Light Filtering Everglasses

Stunning shades for summery days? This is undoubtedly a perfect present that starts with S.

This design, called the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic, features a retro and timeless theme. Both fashionable and functional, we assure you that these ever-contemporary sunglasses will most definitely be loved by your special person.

9. Suede Leather Shoes

Suede Leather Shoes

Suede leather shoes, hands down, are one of the classiest footwear to date. Anyone with a good fashion sense will fall in love with this unique gift that begins with S.

This pair of shoes comes with a wingtip pattern design which is breathable, cushioned, and highly durable. Whether you are going casual or formal, these versatile oxfords will spice up the chic element in your outfit.

10. Skateboard

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

If you are looking for a sporty gift that begins with S, this mini cruiser skateboard has got to be your first choice. 

Regardless if someone is a beginner or an expert, this skateboard is designed to be fun to ride. Both the deck and wheels are extremely strong and durable. It is super portable, making it a go-to skateboard for everyday riders.

This is not all. It features some interestingly bold graphics as well. With this skateboard, one can always ride with style!

11. Straw Beach Bag

Straw Beach Bag

Whether you know someone who is a fan of summer travels or simply loves going to beach parties, getting them a straw beach bag is a great idea. These statement-making staples are always in fashion. These are exquisitely hand woven with love, making them super-stylish and a chic gift for her that starts with S.

Available in many different designs and shades, you will be tempted to get these for sure.

12. Shaving Kit For Men

Shaving Kit For Men

All men love a good shaving kit. If you are looking for a man’s gift that starts with S and is also super caring, you don’t have to look any further. 

This shaving kit features a sandalwood scent that not only feels masculine but is also very refreshing. It comes with seven shaving essentials which provide a time-saving yet relaxed experience. As a must-have kit, trust us, you won’t regret buying this extraordinary gift.

13. Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager

Sometimes all one needs after a long, tiring day is just some good massage. How about you just give them a scalp massager that’s easy to use in the comfort of home? 

It comes with four massager heads having 21 individual nodes. They are designed in a way that mimics human fingers to get the best experience out of every massage. It will help improve blood circulation, thus providing instant relief.

14. Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask

A good night’s sleep is the most essential part of our lifestyle. This sleeping mask does not back down from delivering that very thing.

No wonder this makes it an excellent gift that starts with S. It’s super breathable and soft – thanks to its smooth cartilage seams. For anyone who is easily distracted by any light during their sleeping time, this mask is the perfect gift for them. 

15. Sea Themed Wall Art

Sea Themed Wall Art

Some good artwork is an essential part of bringing a unique element to homes. It can be a great housewarming gift for just about anyone.

This sea-themed wall art is no different. Its great attention to detail and vivid color palette makes it a focal point of any room. Whoever gets this as a present would surely be delighted to have these gigantic, multi-panel canvases in their house.

16. Swing Rope Floating Shelves

Swing Rope Floating Shelves

If you want to get a gift starting with the letter S which is aesthetically pleasing but also practical at the same time – these swing rope floating shelves are a marvelous option.

Whether the interior is vintage, bohemian, or contemporary; these will complement all home decor themes. Made with heavy-duty pine wood, you can organize a variety of different stuff on these shelves. What a great way to add some rustic vibes to homes!

17. Succulent Indoor Plants

Succulent Indoor Plants

Let’s be honest: aren’t succulent plants just the most adorable little living flora!

If you are looking for things to buy that start with S, just get these plant pots already. Known to complement every room, these can be used as an important decor piece around the house. Plus, they come in absolutely gorgeous colors. Trust us, anyone who gets them as gifts would be in total awe.

18. Scrapbook Album

Scrapbook Album

After all, the only thing that remains after a good time is its beautiful memories. These moments should always be captured and cherished. Therefore, gifting a scrapbook album is a great way to encourage someone to hold on to such amazing times.

Minimalist and easy-to-use, this scrapbook is perfect for the cause. Your special person can decorate this album however they like and have a chance to relive those moments every time they go through it.


Let us now talk about what you can consider when buying a gift for a child that starts with S.

19. S letter Piggy Bank

S letter Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are a child’s first lesson in money-saving. Not only are these a great gift idea, but they are also super essential in grooming a kid’s personality.

You can buy this piggy bank that’s shaped as the initial of your kid’s name. Handmade from ashwood, its unique design will also be a great decor addition to the room. Personalize it, and get one right away!

20. Slime Kit

Slime Kit for Girls Boys Kids

Playing with slime is one of the most satisfying feelings. Especially with this jumbo slime kit, the options are simply endless. Your kid will be super delighted the moment you hand over this amazing gift to them.

It comes with 18 beautiful colors of crystal slime, along with so many types of sparkly glitter, foam beads, fishbowl beads, and shiny sugar paper. What a fun thing to play with!

21. Star Wars Lego: Exclusive Edition

Star Wars Lego: Exclusive Edition

The hype around legos will probably never die down. And especially if it’s Legos X Star Wars, the kids are known to go crazy with excitement. That’s exactly why this is such a fantastic gift idea that starts with the letter S.
This 1,023-piece construction playset features all the cool Minifigures and tools that your little one will be really happy to see. It is a challenging, yet fun exercise that will allow kids to navigate through their imagination. Let them to role play in creating stories that they create, with this extraordinary gift set.

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