21 Best Gifts for Chess Players & Chess Lovers

For professional chess players, it’s more than just a game-it’s a lifestyle. You can see them with their heads bent over a chess board for hours, mentally analyzing opponent moves, chess strategies and winning tactics. If you have such a chess enthusiast in your life and you are struggling to get them an appropriate gift for a special occasion then you are in luck! Because we have put together a list of 21 epic gift ideas for chess players and enthusiasts. 

But before we lift the veil and give away all our great gift ideas, let’s talk about the strategies you need to adopt while gift-shopping for a chess player.

How to Choose The Best Gift for Chess Players or Chess Lovers?

  • Level of Interest: Getting anything chess-themed is easy but picking the right chess-themed gift based on the player’s level of interest and expertise is the real deal! Are they a professional, practicing day and night to qualify for state-level tournaments? Getting them a book that compiles some of the best chess strategies over the years sounds like a good idea. Are they recreational chess players? A foldable chess set will do!
  • Age: Age is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a gift for chess players as it reflects upon the level of experience and professional maturity of a player. Imagine the awkwardness if you gave a professional chess player of 40 years a boom on ‘Chess for beginners.’
  • A player’s bucket list: Each chess player has something on their wish list that they are dying to get their hands on, but unfortunately can’t. It could be an expensive, handcrafted chess board or one-of-a-kind, chess-themed merchandise. Helping them tick something off of their bucket list sounds like a plan!

Top Recommendations 

1. Personalized Chess Game Leather Roll

Nothing speaks love louder than a personalized, handmade chess roll for those chess junkies who like to play on the go. While it might seem a tad bit expensive, the luxurious vegetable-tanned leather that gives the roll its rustic look is worth every dime!

2. Chess Glasses

Chess games can last for hours. And it’s important for players to keep themselves hydrated in order to stay on top of their game. These Queen’s Gambit-inspired chess glasses are just the right thing for the job. These intricately etched glasses feature chess board pieces at the front and the Notation for the Ruy Lopez Opening at the back. In short, they look absolutely stunning!

Personalized Gifts

3. Personalized Engraved Chess Set

Nothing sounds more thoughtful than a personalized gift. And this engraved, wooden chess set, with wooden magnetic pieces checks off all the boxes. You can personalize it to add the chess player’s name or a lucky number. This one’s perfect for gifting on birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

4. Personalized Chess Board Night Lamp

Give their room a personalized touch with this engraved chess board LED night lamp. The lamp features 4 work modes, 16 color changes and adjustments for brightness and speed. It can be customized to include the recipient’s name.

Chess Sets & Chess Pieces

5. White and Green Onyx Chess Set

The chess board is hand-made from high-quality marble onyx and both the board and chess pieces are hand polished to perfection. At only $79.00, this absolutely luxurious, white and green onyx chest set is a real steal.  Not only can this chess board be used to play on, but it also makes for a breath-taking masterpiece to adorn one’s living space.

6. Neptune Silver and Bronze Metal Chess Pieces

Whether it is their graduation or their birthday, this complete set of silver and bronze chess pieces makes for a unique present. They are perfect to hit the board for a special occasion, like their first big game against a district champion.

Decorative Items

7. Chess Bookends

Whether they are a beginner or a pro player, this set of matte black resin bookends is great for gifting both. They are extremely versatile in the sense that they can be used as sophisticated decorative items as well as a storage section for all their chess-related books and publications. They are sturdy, durable and look downright stunning!

8. Chess Statues

Looking for another elegant piece of home décor for your favorite chess player? Go for this handmade set of 3 chess figures that are made of matte black resinous material and finished with gold detailing. Perfect as a housewarming gift, these figures will instantly liven up their living space with a touch of luxury.

9. Chess Table

Serving both the purpose of a table and a chess board, this chess table is a real-game changer! It has a wooden pedestal base, two drawers and the best part- a dual game board including both chess and backgammon. Get a chess player one of these and watch them challenge their guests to a ‘quick’ game of chess over tea!

10. Chess Canvas Art

Chess players, who have a deep insight and appreciation of art, would absolutely love this contemporary red and black chess canvas print. In order to prevent the canvas from damage caused by moisture, light and erosion, it has a built-in coating. We highly recommend gifting one of these at housewarming events.

11. Chess Piece Flower Pot

When it comes to decorative items, this flower pot is definitely one of our favorites. The rustic-looking planter is inspired by chess pieces and is ideal for indoor plants, succulents and cacti. It can add that much-needed touch of greenery to amp up their boring living areas.

Themed Gifts

12. Harry Potter Chess Set

Looking to buy a present for a chess player who is also Harry Potter fan? Look no further, as this Harry Potter chess set is every Potterhead’s dream come true! We are talking about a limited-edition, Warner Brothers authorized chess board and 32, finely sculpted, Harry Potter-themed chess pieces.

13. Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Is that special chess player in your life a Lord of the Rings fan? Do you want to get them a present that rules them all? If yes then look no further- this Lord of the Rings, Battle of Middle Earth Chess Set is bound to make them ecstatic. They can unleash an epic battle between good and evil with an intricately designed chess board, and chess pieces replaced by key characters from the franchise.

Game Accessories

14. Analog Chess Clock Timer

While chess boards and chess pieces are integral to a chess game, a clock timer is an equally important game tool. And this analog chess clock timer is just the right thing for those chess players who like to keep it old-school. Also at $30.99, it is a brilliant gifting option.

15. Digital Chess Clock Timer

A great alternative to the mechanical clock timer is this DGT North American digital clock timer designed for the more modern player. It is quick and easy to set up and has 16 different contrast settings for different types of chess games- quite the pro, right?

16. Chess Game Storage Box

Everyone loves themselves a good organizational item! And this Staunton, 12 inches Chess Storage Box is an excellent gift idea for any avid chess player. The storage box has sturdy construction to support marble chess pieces and a leathered exterior for a truly luxurious finish. Will make them look and feel like royalty, walking around with one of these bad boys!

Fashion & Clothing

17. Chess Neck Tie

Most chess enthusiasts eat, sleep and breathe chess. Make sure they also wear it! These chess-themed neckties can really spruce up any boring formal wear. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, each featuring chess pieces in one way or another.

18. Chess T-shirt

Chess players are wildly popular for not shying away from showing their love and obsession with the game. And wearing a chess-themed t-shirt is just the right way to show one’s passion!  With tons of great options, you might be spending quite


19. CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics & Strategies by Andy Dunn

Help them complete the journey from beginner to a professional player with this award-winning book. As the name suggests it is the ultimate compilation of some of the best winning tactics and strategies that have both been invented and used historically by famous chess players, like Bobby Fischer. Reading it will be a truly daunting experience as it reflects upon the infinite nature of the game, the invincibility of winning strategies and the looming possibility of chaos.

20. How to Reassess your Chess by Jeremy Silman

This one is another fine read and quite a staple for a pro player. While considered to be a modern classic in chess literature, what makes this book different is its frequent discussion of chess psychology-the various emotions that hinder chess masters and proposed techniques to overcome these ubiquitous feelings. At only $24.85, this book is both a thoughtful and affordable gift.

21. Winning Chess Strategy for Kids by Jeff Coakley

The title of the book is self-explanatory- this one is for the newbies! If you are looking to buy a birthday gift for a young chess player, aged between 7 and 13 years, then this is a fun and comprehensive course on teaching the basics of the game. It presents complex concepts like piece development, pawn structures, middle game plans, and endgame strategies in a simple language for the young readers to both learn and enjoy.

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, this guide is proof that even with minimal knowledge of the game, you can manage to get a thoughtful and brilliant gift for that special chess player in your life. Next time, you get the opportunity to go gift-shopping for a chess player you’ll know exactly what to buy. 

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