Gift Ideas That Start With X (Starting Price As Low As $20)

Looking for gifts that start with the letter X? You just got lucky!

We did your homework already! Following is the list of awesome gifts for both adults and kids! Go with any of the given options and we guarantee an ear-to-ear smile on your beloved’s face.

Do not wait more and scroll down to have a look at them!

Top Picks:

1. Xylograph – Custom Engraved Wooden Photo

Xylograph – Custom Engraved Wooden Photo

Pictures are a great way of capturing beautiful memories and reminiscing them whenever and wherever you like. What is a better gift than being able to revisit fond memories?

This is where a Xylograph enters the scene! Now you can get a customized gift starting with the letter X like a xylograph simply by providing a photograph with your loved ones and getting it engraved in wood.

It serves as a classic decor piece too!

2. X LED Vintage Marquee Letter

X LED Vintage Marquee Letter

A personalized present beginning with X which conforms to an antique decoration piece is a great way to make someone’s special day more special!

Check out this LED Antique letter X which graces your home decor and takes it up a notch! Not only does it represent a heartfelt gesture, but also is an incredible rustic piece that vintage decor lovers are fond of!

Gifts starting with X for Adults:

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Xiaomi has been the talk of the show for ages because of its innovative technology and the gadget’s user-friendly features. One of its popular products is the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

With a number of exercises and a health tracking system, this smart band is all set to keep you informed about your physical health and motivated to remain fit and active. The vibrant colors and smart design add to its beauty, making it an excellent gift choice for your beloved!

4. Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Know any music lovers? This is your go-to present for them!

Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one handy device that you can carry everywhere with you conveniently. Not only is it waterproof but also delivers loud and clear sound. 

Perfect for indoor and outdoor parties, this speaker becomes the star of the show in no time!

5. X Layered Chain Necklace

X Layered Chain Necklace

How can we not include a stunning customized jewelry piece in the list of gifts starting with the letter X?

This gold-plated layered chain necklace with the initial X is a gorgeous ornament that goes with all dresses and occasions. Get this piece for your near and dear ones on their birthday or anniversary, and watch them awestruck and absolutely in love with it!

6. Xylography Wood Burning Kit

Xylography Wood Burning Kit

This one’s our favorite and we are sure you would love it as a present too!

This Xylography wood-burning kit tops the list of unique presents starting with X. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is into calligraphy and artistic carvings, you landed at the right place.

Features like a pyrography pen with a variety of blades, soldering tips, and much more; it is a complete wood-burning kit for craftsmen!

7. Xtratuf Deck Boots

Xtratuf Deck Boots

We love hoarding good shoes, don’t you? Good quality shoes surely make a great gift to give to your friends and family and if they are durable and weather resistant – what more can you ask for?

Check out these rain boots that symbolize simplicity yet prove to be quite efficient. The boots comprise waterproof and resilient construction that stands firm in the face of long exposure to rain and puddles thus keeping you comfortable and dry.

8. XOXO LED Neon Light

XOXO LED Neon Light

Warm, vibrant LED lights have made their way to almost every home’s decor so gifting a gorgeous neon LED would never fail especially when it is for someone fond of decorating.

Be it a bedroom or a gaming room, this XOXO Neon sign is an incredible addition to the wall or the shelf. The hint of customization and the warm, pink color makes it all the more attractive and special!

9. Xaegistac Airsoft Shooting Goggles

Xaegistac Airsoft Shooting Goggles

Xeagistac’s Airsoft Shooting glasses are a great present beginning with X for people who are often in the field for paintball, hunting, or simply fond of outdoor activities.

Get the product and make their lives easier with these scratch-resistant and comfortable goggles without worrying about your glasses all fogging up. The interchangeable lenses with different colors are the cherry on top!

This one’s sure to excite all the airsoft and paintball lovers!

10. Xiaomi Mi Smart Video Projector

Xiaomi Mi Smart Video Projector

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has become the hub of the latest technology and cool new features for tech lovers. Another one of its top-notch products is the Smart Video Projector.

Do not get fooled by its size because it has all that you need for an amazing and worthwhile movie night at your place. Now enjoy a theatre-like experience regardless of the room size as well as loud and excellent tone quality with this versatile video projector.

11. XBalls Juggling Balls Set

XBalls Juggling Balls Set

There is almost always a person in our close circle who loves playing games and tricks like juggling balls.

The game is not only a good hobby but also helps us use various muscles and improves eye coordination. So if you know someone who is a diehard juggling fan and decide to gift this ball set to them – they are in for a delightful surprise!

12. XOXO Women’s Quartz Watch

XOXO Women’s Quartz Watch

Watch is a decent addition to any attire we carry and truly lifts the vibe of our outfit. Being a stylish element as well as a constant and important reminder of time, it is a thoughtful gift that starts with X.

XOXO has brought to you chic watches for women that are perfect presents for any occasion. Embellished with rhinestones and a faux-leopard band, it is a true epitome of elegance.

It is a foolproof present – trust our word for this!

13. X-men Animated T-Shirt

X-men Animated T-Shirt

Gifting your dear ones presents from the merchandise of their favorite series can be a wholesome gift which is why we chose this chic X-men Animated T-shirt.

The illustration on the shirt is vibrant and the print is of excellent quality making it an effortless job to style it casually. 

Do not wait and get this piece for X-men fans before it runs out!

14. XC Hardtail Mountain Bike

XC Hardtail Mountain Bike

Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts love to invest in and receive top-quality mountain bikes for their enthralling adventures. This is where this incredible mountain bike enters the scene!

Features like good suspension, reliable gear changes, and comfortable as well as adjustable bike seat, it is literally a deal to steal. Gift this to a bike enthusiast and he will surely fall head over heels in love with it!

15. XP Pen Drawing Tablet

XP Pen Drawing Tablet

Teaching and learning have never been easier! The XP Smart Pen drawing tablet is a great gift beginning with X for both men and women, adults and youngsters.

Now you can write and learn anywhere with this compact and portable XP Pen Drawing Tablet. It is also compatible with both Android and iPhone or iPad in case you want to share screens with your friends or colleagues.

16. X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

Thoughtful gifts are the ones that make lives easier and more efficient. What is better than a gift that boosts productivity and helps your friends and family with everyday struggles?

X-Elite Desk Converter is one such present. Its innovative pump-assisted ergonomic design and sturdy construction make your work-life ten times easier and more comfortable!

Go for this present and you will thank us later!

Gifts starting with X for Kids:

17. Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

A list of presents that start with X and forget to mention the popular Xbox? Not possible!

An Xbox is probably every child’s dream gadget and rightly so. This next-generation Xbox series ensures eventful playtime and engaging features. The device along with its accessories is also excellently built and delivers only the best!

18. X Letter Money Box

X Letter Money Box

Teaching kids the value and benefit of saving money from a young age is crucial in the longer run. So why not incorporate it in one of their toys that start with X?

Get this cute wooden money box with the letter X for your kids. The attractive design and the concept of saving money in their little treasure boxes are sure to excite them into developing this beneficial habit.

19. Xylophone for Toddlers

Xylophone for Toddlers

Colors and music captivate everyone let alone kids. This wooden Xylophone for toddlers is one such example as it will arouse your child’s curiosity and allow him to play with the vibrant toy.

The xylophone and mallets are easy to hold and produce pleasant sounds. Moreover, parts of the toy are safe and nontoxic making it a wonderful gift for your young ones!

20. XYZ Wooden Building Blocks

XYZ Wooden Building Blocks

A child’s toy collection is incomplete without a set of building blocks. Children love constructing things straight out of their imagination and practice control via building blocks.

This is why we recommend this beautiful toy beginning with X for your kids. These are not only helpful in alphabet recognition but also enhance motor skills and the identification of pictures and colors.

Get these block sets and watch your kid get super keen and busy with them!

21. X-Wing Star Wars Lego Kit

X-Wing Star Wars Lego Kit

Let your child be the hero he always envisioned himself to be with this classic X-Wing Star Wars Lego Kit. 

Comprising Star Wars mini-figures and Luke Skywalker’s mighty wing fighter, your kid can now create his Star Wars story and live the fantasy. The parts from the assembly are all safe to use and nontoxic.

Get this unique present beginning with the letter X for your kids and allow them to carve their own superhero stories!

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