21 Phenomenal yet Practical Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers in 2022

From hectic work schedules to different on-road hazards, truck drivers do not have it easy! In order to combat the many day-to-day challenges, they are always on the look-out for things that are useful and will make their lives on the road, convenient and comfortable. For someone searching to buy an appropriate present for a truck driver, that is exactly the approach he/she should take. In order to make your hunt a whole lot easier, we have put together a list of 21 practical yet phenomenal items we believe would make good gifts for truck drivers. 

Before we look deeper into each of these cool items, let’s discuss a few tips and tricks that could help in your next shopping trip to make sure you stay on the right track (pun intended!): 

Tips & Tricks for Gift-shopping for a Truck Driver 

  • What Do They Do: Buying a gift that is relevant to a truck driver’s profession or occupation is the extra mile you can go to show them how thoughtful you can be. For instance, a long-haul OTR trucker would love a portable mattress so he can get some shut-eye on the long trip ahead.
  • Functional over Fancy: Gifts for truck drivers should be no-fuss, no-frills, no-fluff! We are looking to get things that look good but more importantly can add real value to their life on the road. 
  • Show some Love: While truck drivers are an important part of the U.S. economy, they often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Gift them something that shows how much you appreciate their hard work and how proud they should be of their identity. 

Top Recommendations 

1. Portable Diversion Safe 

Portable Diversion Safe 

Every truck driver understands how crucial it is to keep their valuable items safe, while they are on the road. Help them keep their mind at peace with this portable diversion book safe. On the outside it appears to be a real book, with real pages. However, the inside has been hollowed out to make a compartment for your valuables that is secured with a combination location. No doubt, the perfect disguise! 

2. Portable Oven

Portable Oven

This is another one of our absolute favorites. Being on the road all day, truck drivers are often deprived of the simple privileges in life- like the taste of hot food. This portable microwave oven is perfect for heating pre-cooked meals and even cooking raw food on the go! Automatic temperature control ensures that you don’t end up over-heating your food. The best part? It is encased inside a heat-resistant bag so you can carry it anywhere!

Vehicle Accessories  

3. Front Seat Organizer

Front Seat Organizer

Long distances on the road means that your average trucker will always be carrying lots of things- some to keep them entertained, others to keep them safe and connected. With this spacious, front seat organizer that can easily be mounted to the truck driver’s seat they can now travel clean and clutter-free. It is ideal for carrying gadgets, tools, magazines, stationery and even water bottles. 

4. Cup Holder Tray

Cup Holder Tray

For someone who is always on the move, this item is a must-have! But this is no ordinary cup holder. It has a large 9” surface, a padded phone slot, 360 degrees swivel arm for rotation and 180 degrees joint arm for height adjustment. This high-tech cup holder has revolutionized the level of convenience, eating on the go can offer and makes for an excellent gift. 

5. Portable Trash Can 

Portable Trash Can 

With this portable trash can you can make sure that your favorite trucker is enjoying a clean and filth-free ride. It’s huge- a 2.5 gallon container with a lid, that can easily be hooked anywhere in the vehicle, and is waterproof.  Secondly, it also has a leak-proof liner so they don’t have to remove the entire can every time they have to dump the trash.

6. Car Phone Mount 

Car Phone Mount 

Whether they need to look at Google maps for navigation, or perform work-related tasks, a car phone mount is a great addition to a truck driver’s list of travel essentials. This one-of-a-kind phone mount has a 270 degrees telescopic arm and 360 degrees rotating ball joint to find that sweet spot where you can use your phone and drive safely. 

Electronic Devices & Gadgets

7. Truck GPS Navigator 

Truck GPS Navigator 

Ideal for those new to trucking, this Garmin Truck GPS Navigator will make sure that they never get lost on the road! While it might seem a little pricey, free live traffic and weather updates, alerts for upcoming bridge heights, notifications for road signs that indicate rest areas and restaurants and customized routing based on the truck’s weight and size make this navigator worth every penny! 

8. Portable Vacuum Cleaner 

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Upgrade their on-road cleaning experience with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.  Besides being portable and compact, this vacuum cleaner also has tons of other selling points like powerful suction, a long-lasting stainless steel filter and multi-angle cleaning capabilities. At only $29.99, this vacuum cleaner is a real steal!

9. Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

All truck drivers know that staying on the road for too long can get a bit lonely. Especially when you don’t have a travel buddy. This Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset can make their ride more enjoyable- whether they want to stay in touch with their loved ones, listen to news or stay updated with their favorite Netflix show. 

10. Dash Camera

Dash Camera

Unfortunately, professional truckers are often met with accidents on the road. Having no witnesses to the event can make things more complicated. Installing a dash camera, like this WiFi-enabled, GPS camera recorder, that records everything  can help solve the problem. The camera records videos in Ultra 4K HD, has a 150 degrees wide angle and night vision, making it the perfect gift for a trucker. 

Safety & Comfort

11. Comfort Seat Cushion Pillow

Comfort Seat Cushion Pillow

When it comes to trucking, there is no such thing as too much padding in a driver’s seat! Give the gift of memory-foam comfort to a special truck driver on a special occasion with this gel-enhanced comfort seat cushion pillow. It supports your tailbone and relieves lower back pain- the perfect partner for those long road trips!

12. Seat Massager

Seat Massager

When you are a professional truck driver, the only thing that beats a good massage after a long work day is the one you can get on the road! This high-tech back massager seat with deep kneading massage nodes and different massage zones can be easily installed into the driver’s seat. The uniform heat-flow technology will release the tension in their muscles and help them relax.

13. Portable Memory Foam Mattress 

Portable Memory Foam Mattress

Ask a truck driver and they will tell you how uncomfortable stock mattresses supplied by trucking companies are. Therefore, there is nothing better than giving your favorite trucker the gift of a deep, comfy sleep with this tri-fold memory foam mattress. It is portable and ridiculously soft and comfortable- hands-down a must have! 

14. Roadside Emergency Kit 

Roadside Emergency Kit 

Any truck that is designed for a long haul is incomplete without an emergency kit.  From roadside support tools to first aid equipment, this handy, multi-purpose emergency kit has over 150 pieces and just the right thing for long trips. If you are looking for a truly practical gift for a trucker driver, this is one of the best options. 

Food and Drinks 

15. Portable Refrigerator

Portable Refrigerator

This portable refrigerator is the stuff of the legends! It has 3 removable compartments to store meat, vegetables and beverages separately. It is energy-saving, eco-friendly and quite sturdy to survive the challenges of a long bumpy ride. And the best part is that it also has a freezer so truck drivers never have to worry about melting ice. 

16. Electric Lunch Box 

Electric Lunch Box 

Another excellent trucking essential, this electric lunch heating box has separate compartments for rice, vegetables, meat and utensils. It is made of an eco-friendly, non-toxic stainless steel material and heats food at lightning speed! 

Clothing & Accessories 

17. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Every truck driver appreciates a good, sturdy pair of shoes that protects them against dust, mud, water and whatever Mother Nature has in store to throw at them. These waterproof ankle boots from Timberland are just the perfect present for a truck driver. They are designed for tough weather, ragged terrains and all sorts of outdoor adventures. 

18. All-Purpose Work Gloves

All-Purpose Work Gloves

When that special trucker in your life is busy at work, these slip-resistant, all-purpose gloves will give them the grip of a gorilla! They have a superior leather finish and are designed for extra comfort and breathability. 

19. Polarized Night Vision Glasses

Polarized Night Vision Glasses

If your truck driver drives through the night, this is another travel essential and a great gifting option. During the day, these polarized sunglasses will protect them against harmful solar radiations. During the night, they improve driving performance by providing clarity in the dark and reducing the harsh glare from the oncoming vehicles. 

Personalized Gifts  

20. Personalized Truck Driver Sign

Personalized Truck Driver Sign

The hard work and effort of truck drivers is sadly underrated and they often go unappreciated. On their retirement, remind them how special their identity is and how honorable their job is, with this personalized, wooden truck driver sign. The name of the recipient and a heartfelt message on the sign can make it a truly personalized gift.

21. Personalized Travel Tumbler

Personalized Travel Tumbler

On the lookout for something personalized, yet practical? This customizable travel tumbler is an excellent gifting item. It is insulated with a faux leather sleeve, making it perfect for long trips and comes with an engraved image of a truck. You can further personalize the mug with the name of the recipient engraved on it. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether it’s Christmas or a special occasion like their birthday, make sure you get your favorite trucker a gift that makes each road trip safe, pleasant and manageable. If you are feeling stumped, you always have this list to get back to for some epic gift ideas. Also explore great Christmas gifts for bus drivers .

Feel free to share this article with your friend and family, so they know exactly what to get that treasured trucker in their lives!

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