21 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Tomboys of All Ages

We all know that one girl who wears baggy clothes, listens to Metallica on repeat and owns each and everything in black? That’s right, we are talking about tomboys! It could be a dear friend, someone from your social circle or even your own mom! For those who have grown up with brothers or had some level of male influence in their lives, buying a gift for a tomboy is quite simple and easy. For the others,  we have put together the ultimate list of gift ideas for tomboys of all ages; including pre-teens, teens and adults. 

To begin with, let’s talk about a few important things to keep in mind while gift-shopping for that special boyish girl in your life: 

How to do Gift-Shopping for a Tomboy?

  • Type of Tomboy: First and foremost, you must understand the type of tomboy you are getting a present for. Not all tomboys find the color pink repulsive or keep their hair perpetually short. Some might not follow the ‘loose jeans for life’ regimen too strictly. Try to understand her likes and dislikes which are specific to her boyish lifestyle.
  • Age: Age is a crucial factor when it comes to gift-giving. You cannot gift your tomboy mom a skateboard on her 50th birthday or a pre-teenager a gaming console. Make sure that your present is age appropriate.

Top Recommendations 

  1. HoverBoard
Hoverboard for tomboys

This one is our absolute favorite! While it might be on the pricier end, splurging on this electric self-balancing hoverboard is totally worth it! That’s because it’s more than just a high-speed, smooth, adrenaline-inducing ride. It comes with a stereo music speaker and an RGB LED light system that changes patterns and twinkles with the changes in the music’s rhythm.

  1. Smart Watch
Waterproof Smart Watch for Tomboys

Tomboys like to keep things single and basic. This gray-toned smartwatch is the perfect item to stick up an adult tomboy’s gifting list. The watch is equipped with a high-performance fitness tracker, a heart rate and sleep monitor and an activity tracker. Not to forget it’s also waterproof. An affordable smart watch which is also a one-stop fitness solution? What else could you want!

Outdoor Sports

  1.  Inline Skates
Inline Skates for Tomboys

Perfect for cruising around the block with your best buds, these inline skates are your go-to present for a teenager tomboy. There are so many things to love about them; they have 4 adjustable sizes so they can last for a long period of time, they have the coolest light up wheels and the performance is a 10/10 so she can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride.

  1. Skateboards
Skateboard for Tomboys

Skateboarding is hands-down a tomboy’s favorite sport. Now imagine her excitement when you get her these 22-inches, mini cruiser skateboards on her birthday. Ideal for gifting kids and pre-teen tomboys, the skateboard comes in 19 fun, graphical colors. The small, sturdy deck can easily fit in a backpack so she can carry it to school and the durable wheel set allows for a smooth ride.

  1. Hockey Set
Hockey Set

While one tomboy girl is different from another, the majority of them are into sports. If yours is into hockey then this ultimate hockey set does the trick. You will find a hockey goal, street hockey sticks and a street hockey ball in this set. The set has been licensed by the National Hockey League, making her feel like a young athlete!

  1. Archery Set
Archery Set

It’s always a plus-point when gifts for kids including tomboys can be both entertaining and educational. This archery toy set is great for practicing motor skills, enhancing accuracy and improving hand & eye coordination. The set contains 6 suction cup arrows, a target board and an absolutely magnificent light-up quiver with 3 different light settings, allowing you to play in the darkness of the night.

Indoor Games

  1. Nerf Blaster
Nerf Blaster

Nothing sounds more fun to a tomboy than shooting darts at high-speed at their friends! This Nerf SurgeFire Elite Blaster comes with 15 Elite darts that can be launched to go up to 90 feet at insanely high speeds. While this toy is exclusively designed for kids and pre-teens, adults have a surprisingly great time playing with it. So don’t shy away from gifting it to your tomboy girlfriend! 

  1. Portable Ping Pong Set 
Portable Ping Pong Set

Want to get her a gift that she can enjoy anywhere and anytime? This portable ping pong set does the job well. It comes with a retractable ping pong net, 3 balls and premium-quality ping pong paddles. It is so easy to set up- on your dining table, at the office or in the middle of a party!

  1. LEGO Toy Set
LEGO Toy Set

Whether you are 8 years old or 18 years old, LEGO sets are always a great idea. If your tomboy girl likes building things then you must definitely get her this Forest and Tree House LEGO Set.  Contrary to other LEGO sets designed for girls, this one is not pink and not too girly. Watch her imagination run loose as she puts the pieces together. 

  1. Snorkeling Gear
Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is a physically challenging but truly exhilarating sport, one that a lot of tomboys love to get into. With its safe and environment-friendly silicon material, anti-fog googles for an unobstructed 180 degrees panoramic view and an anti-choke threaded tube, this snorkeling gear set is perfect for beginners, especially teenagers.

Tech & Electric Gadgets

  1. Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter

This one is for the teen and adult tomboys, alike! This Razor Power Core Electric Scooter  is not only a sophisticated piece of technology but a great way for her to embrace her adventurous spirit. Cruising around town on one of these bad boys can give you a real adrenaline rush! With its premium-quality aluminum deck and an all-steel frame, this innovative electric scooter is designed for rough rugged rides. 

  1. Gaming Console
Gaming Console

Tomboys love video games and in all honesty, they are mostly really good at it! This plug and play handheld gaming console comes with a gift box making it the perfect present for birthdays, Christmas or other festive events. The console is loaded with arcade games from the 90s, so you won’t just be entertained you will also feel nostalgic.

Fashion (Clothing)

  1. Digital Printed Sweatshirt Hoodie
Digital Printed Sweatshirt Hoodie

Tomboys might not like blingy clothes or high heels, but they definitely like to stay in fashion! This Digital Printed Hooded Sweatshirt is a perfect match for a tomboy’s cool, casual and comfortable style. The fabric is lightweight and comfy while the designs are graphic, vivid and very creative. From galaxies, to moon phases and geometric graffitis, they are dozens to fun patterns you can pick from.

  1. Don’t Call Me Princess T-Shirt
Don’t Call me Princess T-shirt

Is your tomboy girlfriend an absolute baddy who loves Star Wars? If yes, then she and this t-shirt are meant to-be! It features one of the franchise’s most loved characters, Leia and is captioned ‘Don’t Call Me Princess’ – definitely something that a tomboy would say! The t-shirt comes in a classic-fit to match the ‘loose, baggy clothes’ style of most tomboys.

  1. Loose Fit Denim Overalls
Loose Fit Denim Overalls for Tomboys

Tomboys love overalls! They are loose-fitting, casual-looking and mostly oversized. This summer season, gift your tomboy friend or girlfriend these casual Denim Bib Overalls. They feature adjustable straps, two front pockets and come in five different colors. They are also extremely versatile as they can be worn to work with a plain white shirt and then glammed up with a sequined shirt underneath for a night-time look.

  1. Unisex Sneakers
Unisex Sneakers

Sneakers are an important part of a tomboy’s wardrobe. And these OG Superstar Sneakers from Adidas are an absolute must-have! The shoe has a leather top for durability, a rubber outsole for better grip and a molded sock liner for increased comfort. Another great thing about these sneakers is that they are made in a wide range of sizes, so whether she is a teenager or an adult, she gets to enjoy them!

Jewelry & Accessories

  1. Leather Bracelet
Leather Bracelet with stone skulls

Leather is a tomboy’s best friend! And what better way to amp up one’s daily look than with a black leather bracelet adorned with stone skulls? This one gives both a rough-and rugged, yet fashionable touch. If your tomboy is into punk rock or hard metal then the stone skulls would really catch her eye!

  1. Suspenders
Suspender for Tomboy

This one is for the hardcore tomboys- those who wear pant suits and always have their short hair locked in a tight ponytail. Suspenders are the perfect item to spice up a formal look and what better option than these elastic, adjustable ones that come in over 22 different colors.

Customized Gifts for Tomboys

  1. Customized Backpack
Customized Backpack

Everyone loves a customized gift- it shows how much effort a person has put in to make something just for you! If you are looking for an awesome personalized gift for a teenage tomboy, then this customized backpack can be a good idea. You can add names and phrases of your own choice to create psychedelic graffiti on the back pack- how cool is that?

  1. Customized Baseball Cap
Customized Baseball Cap

Caps are another staple in a tomboy’s wardrobe. And one that is customized is just the best expression of one’s love for  the recipient and her athletic spirit. It can be personalized to add her name, the name of her favorite player or team or just a catchy phrase- whatever you want!

  1. Customized Name & Number Pendant
Customized Name & Number Pendant

Talking about jewelry again, this customized name and number pendant is yet another excellent option. Besides her name, you can add her lucky number, the jersey number of her favorite player or maybe a significant date. This one makes for an amazing Valentine’s gift for your tomboy girlfriend.

Final Thoughts 

Getting your hands on that perfect present while gift-shopping for a tomboy can get a little challenging. However, the great news is that with this list you now have a wide variety of very different options- from sports equipment to tech gadgets and even clothing & accessories.

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