21 Gift Ideas for Piano Players

People like Piano players, Guitarists, or those who’re related to any form of art are blessed with a strongly built right hemisphere of the brain. And you’ll be astonished to learn that people like these have stronger sentimental attachments with gifts, surprises, creating magical melodies, and whatnot. So finding a unique gift for a piano enthusiast is a tricky job.

How to Choose The Best Gift for Piano Lovers?

Consider the following before buying a gift with an everlasting impact:

  • Music is the most versatile form of art, it evolves and keeps remolding. Gifting something that’ll be practically helping your musician buddy is a nice idea. And remember, practical gifts that can be used daily or when needed, leave a long lasting effect on the receiver. 
  • Melodies stay in our minds for years, so your gift should be for that musician. Add a thought to your gift, so as they do to their melodies. And this gift must not be something that’s joyous for one time only, it should be something that brings new energy to the beholder whenever he uses it.

Top Recommendations 

The list of the best gifts goes on with the most unique and trusted handpicked ideas. However, these two are our top recommendations for a piano aspirant:

1. Grand Piano Model Building Kit- LEGO Piano Set

Grand Piano Model Building Kit- LEGO Piano Set

What a perfect idea to gift something with this creative and one of its kind LEGO piano set? The receiver of this Piano Grandé will surely keep it as the most special present ever. It is the first playable LEGO piano that comes with unmatchable features. The 3,662 piece piano set is installed with a classic detachable keyboard, portable body, LEGO powered app and a player seat. Not only this, there’s much more to add to the elegance of this gift!

2. Piano Bamboo Cheese Board

Piano bamboo cheese board

It is another addition to the unique piano gift ideas. This cheese board is a perfect fusion; its design is, all in all, a musician’s choice, and its equipment are for cheese lovers! It is undoubtedly a novel piece of bamboo wood crafting and contains tools (cheese fork, knife, and corkscrew) made of stainless steel.

Piano Set

3. Alesis melody Key Keyboard Piano

Alesis melody Key Keyboard Piano

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package in a single keyboard piano set, this one can be your ultimate choice. It is portable, beginner friendly, has a variety of premium sounds, tutorial features, and many more. It has everything from an adjustable seat to a music control set, speaker-headphone set, and a handy power adapter installation.

4. Keyboard Playmat

Keyboard Playmat

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package in a single keyboard piano set, this one can be your ultimate choice. It is portable, beginner friendly, has a variety of premium sounds, tutorial features, and many more. It has everything from an adjustable seat to a music control set, speaker-headphone set, and a handy power adapter installation.

5. Tempi Metronome for Musicians

Tempi Metronome for Musicians

Tempi Metronome is a classical music instrument that is perfect for someone crazy to play intricate tones and practice classical rhythms. It comes with a mechanical control system, battery-less built-up, and an ebook to achieve a perfect direction to a magical music note. From accurate Rhythm generation to the top-notch visualization of the pendulum, it is a gift to remember.

6. Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano

Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys

If the piano player loves to collect vintage designed piano keyboards or accessories, this is a perfect example of a raw and exquisite design.  It comes with embossed metallic keys, an ombre wood design with ergonomic hand placement support, and a tuning hammer. Its uniqueness lies in its exclusive easy to learn and remember musical notes feature.

7. 30 Keys Wood Toy Grand Piano with Music Stand and Bench

Wood Toy Grand Piano

It is a classical wooden toy piano that’s perfect for young musicians 3-8 years of age. The sophisticated design makes a perfect clue for young learners to settle for no less. It is equipped with everything a classical grand piano has, with specially designed keys and durable accessories. The best part is that it won’t occupy much space and is easier for kids to gain a good pace.

Piano Accessories

Music enthusiasts are always looking forward to adding handy accessories to their ultimate essentials collection.

8. Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

Metal Music Book Clip

It will be smarter of you to give a metallic book clip or page holder. This one comes with supreme quality steel and can go a long way to carry all musical notes and composing material.

9. Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

Adjustable piano keyboard stand

If you’re looking for an essential piano accessory that a pianist will require every day or in every show, then this is maybe what you’re looking for. It is durable and can carry light to the heavy piano with style. The stand is adjustable with a high-performing metallic body and is also pre-assembled!

10. Piano Stickers

Piano Stickers

Do you remember using colorful sticky notes to memorize tough lessons? These colorful adhesive piano stickers are designed with the same idea. Moreover, they’re easily detachable and can be easily applied to any keyboard.

Lifestyle and Home Decor

What about adding thoughtful pieces to a space? The items given below can truly enlighten a living space.

11. Key Chain

Piano Key chain

A keychain is the most versatile gift for presenting it to people who’re passionate about their superb skills. This music themed piece of craftsmanship is a high-quality key chain and a present to remember.

12. Grand Piano Ornament Decoration

Grand Piano Ornament Decoration

This little grand piano can truly elevate the charm of any spot it is placed at! Your musician buddy will love it with gold plated, studs embossed, and intricately designed cut edge model. You can also customize your greetings on the gift card that comes with it.

13. Abstract  Keynote Decorative Throw

Abstract  Keynote Decorative Throw

What’s more appealing for a musician than a boho printed keynote throw? It will not only add charm to the pianist’s favorite space but is also very cozy to handle. The print and long wear microfiber stuff make it go a long way with proper washing care.

14. Piano Themed Metal Desk Clock

Piano Themed Metal Desk Clock

Eye-catching vintage silver plated desk clock can never go wrong with a perfect blend of colors. The top body is embellished with premium crystals, perfectly matching a musician’s luxurious interior. You can also provide customized greetings with the gift card packed with it.

15. Piano Keyboard Wall Art

Wall Art Piano Keyboard

This sticking piece of craft with Giclee artwork made on supreme quality canvas is a monument to bless one’s walls with! It perfectly fits any space, including the living room, office, jamming room, etc. All four panels have separate wooden framing and hooks.

16. Music Lover Coffee Mug

Music Lover Coffee Mug

A cup of a good coffee and the magical tones of a pianist makes an ecstatic combination. A coffee mug printed with music notes will make an ultimate gift choice for a music lover. This one comes with a lid and is made of high-quality ceramic that is microwave friendly.

Fashion & Clothing

17. Music Themed Necktie

Music Themed Necktie

A high-quality silk tie with musical notes is a perfect gift for music enthusiasts. It is a statement fashion accessory that can be worn on any occasion. It is hand-finished and comes with a metallic gift box.

18. Piano Guitar Shape Handbag

Piano Guitar Shape Handbag

Crossbody or handbags are everyday fashion essentials. This one is curated with premium quality PU leather, metallic tassels, and a neatly finished piano keyboard pattern. It is spacious and can be carried anywhere from travel to tours to casual gatherings!

19. Piano Themed Funky Socks

Piano themed funky socks

Socks with funky patterns have risen as a fashion statement for the last few years. Moreover, the ones with airy cotton material and arch support are always a wardrobe’s first choice. These socks are no way behind the qualities mentioned earlier and can truly add some fun to a boring closet!

20. Music Theme T-Shirt

T-Shirt Music Theme

T-shirts are a favorite gift for most people, that too when printed with someone’s favorite subject! This T-shirt is made of a high performing cotton material and has a minimalist design. Moreover, the color patterns are perfectly synchronized with a classic piano keyboard. One can wear it to any occasion and flaunt its symbolic printing!


Books are the most versatile gifts to present at any event or occasion. Check out the one given below and weigh your gift’s worth like never before.

21. Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Teach yourself a piano book

This great piece of writing is one of the best-selling guides for piano learners and enthusiasts. It is equally loved and explored by pro pianists to beginners. It can be a true blessing for beginners as it contains a stepwise recipe for creating perfect musical notes. One can truly dwell on the classics of piano lessons with both the text and streaming video.

Final Thoughts 

With some of the amazing gift choices from lifestyle to real time digital gadgets, you’re all sorted out for this gifting occasion. Choose a gift that will remind the receiver of your precious presence around, because this is the most lively way we pay homage to people we admire.