21 Gift Ideas For Barber (That will melt his heart!)

Finding the right gift for a barber might seem overwhelming in the beginning – given the plenty of things to choose from. But trust us, it’s not quite so!

To make it easier for you, we have curated a list of our favorite, heart-melting barber gift ideas. These are the gifts that a barber really wants that will most definitely light up his face with a smile.

But before we move on to that, let us talk about the things you should consider before choosing a gift for a barber.

How To Choose A Special Gift For A Barber?

Choosing a gift for a barber is all about the meaning and thought behind it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep It Up, Barber: One option is to buy something that supports their business. Think about their workplace and figure out if your loved one needs something particular which would encourage them to grow further.
  • Exclusively Yours: Another way is to get them something that’s much more personal and hits home. Here you need to give some thought to their interests and likings. Anything that matches their taste and feels intimate will make up a special gift for your loved one.

Our Top 2 Picks

Before we dive in any further, let us first talk about our top two favorite gifts for barbers. These are the ones that would not disappoint!

1. Custom-Made Barbershop Portrait

Custom-Made Barbershop Portrait

Custom-made caricature portraits win as the best gift for barbers. Creative, contemporary, and super-affordable – it is a piece of art that will enhance the look of the interiors.

You will originally get a digital print of the picture. However, with an additional price, you can also order a canvas or poster of the cartoon.

2. Barbershop Pole Pendant (With Chain)

Barbershop Pole Pendant With Chain

If you are looking for a gift that’s much more personal, you might as well buy this beautiful pendant that compliments a barber.

Designed as a barbershop pole – it is a universal symbol that goes way back, as early as the Middle Ages. A statement-making necklace that will quite literally remain close to your loved one’s heart!

Barber Shop Decor

To extend your support to your loved one’s profession, we have listed some of the best decor items that will instantly elevate the look of a barbershop. 

You will most certainly find the perfect one to get your inspiration from.

3. Vinyl Wall Clock

Barber Shop Vinyl Wall Clock

With its contemporary design featuring all the hairdressing tools, this wall clock will be a great addition to all barber shops. It is a handmade staple, designed by repurposing a black vinyl record. It would work best in a vintage-themed hair salon.

With this beauty being the focal point of the shop, your loved one will get a lot of compliments for his amazing setup!

4. Scented Candle

Scented Candle for barber

Scented candles can turn out to be an amazing barber’s gift idea. Your special one will appreciate the soothing vibe that it would bring to the interiors of the shop.

Smoke, lavender, and leather – this is a particular combination that could never possibly go wrong.

5. Minimal Canvas Art

Minimal Canvas Art for barber

For a bit more of a minimalistic approach, these elegant canvases are exactly what you need as a gift for a barber.

It comes in a set of three; two of the canvases consist of illustrations, while the middle one has captivating text. This contemporary canvas art will surely make an impression wherever it hangs! 

6. Multi-panel Artwork

Barber Multi-panel Artwork

Eye-catching art can be an excellent conversation starter. This multi-panel artwork featuring fine details of the barber’s tools will most definitely turn heads in its direction. 

An amazing piece of decor for sure – your loved one won’t help but encourage the creativity of your gift.

Custom-Made Gifts

Buying a custom-made gift adds more meaning to it in an instant. Below you will find some personalized barber gift ideas that your loved one will truly appreciate.

7. Tumbler Vacuum Mug

Custom Name Tumbler Vacuum Mug

Almost every barber needs some coffee to kickstart the long day they have ahead. If you want your special one to think of you every time they take a sip of their morning coffee, this tumbler mug is exactly what you’re looking for.

Pick a color of your choice, get some barber-themed illustration and his name engraved, and you have a perfect gift at your disposal!

8. Barbershop’s Welcome Mat

Barbershop's Welcome Mat

Let your barber friend welcome its customers to his shop with this adorable, custom-made mat. 

Its high quality makes it durable even for outdoor use as well. It adds up to a friendly and hospitable environment.. If your loved one doesn’t already have a welcome mat for their shop or if it’s time to replace it – this is your sign to get him one!

9. Barber-Themed Keychain

Barber-Themed Keychain

If you are looking for a simple, yet thoughtful gift for a barber, have a look at this customizable barbershop pole keychain with a little trimmer charm as well.

Get your loved one’s name engraved to add more details. To make it even more exciting, leave a small message on it. Every time he notices it, a smile will naturally brighten up his face.

10. Personalized Baseball Cap

Personalized Baseball Cap

A baseball cap, and that too personalized especially for a barber? Certainly sounds like something special! 

It comes with adorable embroidery featuring a barbershop pole, scissors, and comb. You can even get your custom text above the fun graphics to make your gift more meaningful and unique.

11. Bobblehead Clay Figurine

Bobblehead Clay Figurine

Getting your loved one his very one clay figurine will surely make his day.

All you need to do is send a picture of your loved one and the artist will hand-sculpt a bobblehead figurine out of clay. You can also pair it up with a barbershop pole and a salon chair for extra details. This is an incredibly creative gift that resonates with a barber’s profession in the most cheerful way.

12. Personalized Metal Plus LED Art

Personalized Metal Plus LED Art

Spice up the name sign of your loved one’s barbershop with this next-level custom-made metal plus LED art. 

You can personalize it however you want: be it just the name text or pairing it up with some exciting graphics. It comes with LED lights that will help brighten up the entire space. All in all, this piece of art will surely attract a lot of attention in a barbershop.

Tools and Gadgets

When buying a gift for a barber, we recommend you consider giving him such tools and gadgets that will make his work much easier. 

Here’s our take on this category

13. Professional Trimmers

Professional Trimmers

A barber’s love for a high-end set of trimmers is never-ending. After all, a good haircut largely depends on the quality of the trimmer he uses. It is what makes this a perfect gift for him.

This particular set by Limural comes with a cordless feature with brilliant battery life. Convenient and easy to use, these trimmers can be a great addition to your special one’s gadget collection.

14. Relaxing Foot Massager

Relaxing Foot Massager For Barber

After a long day at work, who wouldn’t want a relaxing foot massage?

Its preset massage modes, heat function, and adjustable air compression are great to release tension and improve blood circulation. With just one massage, your loved one will have fresh and well-rested feet!

15. Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Touchless Stationary Vacuum

This gift is a barber’s best friend. If he doesn’t have it already, he will love you for finally getting him one. 

Once out in a safe place, this vacuum removes dust, debris, and hair from the air instantly. It is a perfect gadget for maintaining a fresh environment inside a hair salon.

Especially For His Barbery

It is a good idea to get your special one something that he can use personally while he practices his craftsmanship. If this is something you have in mind, listed below might just be the thing that you are looking for.

16. Rustic Leather Roll-Up

Rustic Leather Roll-Up

Help your barber roll up his tools in this vintage, leather case.

Hand-cut and finished with fine stitches, this staple is created to last for a lifetime. He can store his scissors, combs, clippers, and all other essentials in it and display them with utmost style.

17. Barber’s Traveling Tool Bag

Barber's Traveling Tool Bag

This extraordinary bag, designed specifically for storing all the barbers’ tools, is excellent when a barber is on the move. He can simply take his practice with him no matter where he goes! 

Your special one would fall in love with your gift; given how spacious and portable it is.

18. The Barber Apron

The Barber Apron

For a hassle-free working experience, a good quality apron is important for a barber.

Getting this water drop-resistant, lint-free apron as a gift for the barber is a great idea. Organic, eco-friendly, and elegant – if you are considering buying this, by all means, go for it!

19. Barber’s T-shirt

Barber's T-shirt

Share your pride and love for your special one with this solid-colored barber’s t-shirt in your favorite shade. 

Featuring a barber’s pole, comb, scissors, razors, and whatnot – it is one of the best barber gifts out there. Rest assured, it will certainly be the talk of the shop! 

20. Comfy Shoes

Comfy Shoes For Barber

Specially designed for those who are on their feet all day, this pair of Nike shoes will be really practical for your barber friend. 

Its extra padding and non-skid sole will give them a comfortable experience throughout their working hours. Their unique design will level up the look of any barber apparel.

21. Barber’s Zipper Vest

Barber's Zipper Vest

If your loved one has an eye for style, getting this apparel is one of the best barber gift ideas. Lightweight, water-resistant, and hair repellent – this zipper vest is perfect for busy barbery days. It is extremely comfortable and allows maximum mobility during work. 

A barber with great crafts and chic fashion taste, we are all here for it!

Final Thoughts 

We hope our list helped you decide on the perfect gift for your barber friend.

Regardless of what you choose, one thing remains the most important: your loved one should be able to feel your passion and appreciation through your gift!