21 Awesome & Athletic Gift Ideas for a Softball Coach

Whether they helped you throw your first home run at the age of ten or made you the best pitcher in your high school softball team, your softball coaches hold a very special place in your heart. In fact, the hard work, energy and time they put into their players make them truly worthy of appreciation and recognition. And what better way to express that than with an amazing and thoughtful gift on a special occasion? Here’s a list of 21 awesome gift ideas to show your favorite softball coach how much you value them. 

Before we jump into the list, here are a few things you must remind yourself of if you are out shopping for your softball coach and feeling particularly stumped.

A Short Guide to Buying the Perfect Present for a Softball Coach

  • Unique but Useful: The ideal gift for a softball coach is one that not only looks good but is also useful. This could be anything from training equipment to personal sports accessories.
  • Walk down the Memory Lane: Another great way of approaching the gift-giving dilemma is to pick something that reminds the coach of some of the most memorable moments they have spent with you and their team. A gift that cherishes the good times and the hard times is worth giving. 
  • Hit the Bucket List: Chances are that your softball coach has a favorite player or a brand whose sports products they are absolutely obsessed with. In fact, they might have a few items on their bucket list that they are planning to get their hands on. Imagine how excited they would be if you surprised them with something off of their bucket list that they had been dying to get!

Top Recommendations

1. Electronic Ball Pitching Machine

Electronic Ball Pitching Machine

When it comes to coaches, training equipment makes for excellent gifts. This electronic ball pitching machine is the perfect tool for teaching young athletes how to improve their batting skills. In order to cater to players of different ages, the height of the pitching machine is adjustable. The ball is pitched after every 7 seconds for improved accuracy and precision. This one is definitely one of our absolute favorites!

2. Rawlings Softball Hoodie

Rawlings Softball Hoodie

Is your softball coach a Rawlings fan? If yes, then we highly recommend getting your hands on this performance fleece hoodie.  The hoodie is both durable and comfortable- does not get wrinkled or stretched easily. The best part is the media eyelet which keeps headphone wires out of the way and the V-neck that will allow them to slip it easily over their hat. A hoodie that is both fashionable and functional.

Memorable Gifts

3. Thank you Plaque

Thank you Plaque for Softball Coach

Say thank you to your favorite softball coach in the best possible way with this ‘Thanks Coach’ plaque. The plaque has a high-quality wooden frame and a glass top with a vibrant softball pattern printed on the edges. Fill up the plaque with your love by letting your team members sign their names and writing heartfelt messages on it.

4. Photo Collage

Photo Collage for Softball Coach

Looking for an excellent retirement gift? If yes, then this is it! If you have photos of some of the best moments and top games with your beloved softball coach then it is time to put them to good use. Create a beautifully brilliant photo collage with these photos, one that is shaped like a softball player.

5. Softball Coach Appreciation Frame

Softball Coach Appreciation Frame

If you are still looking for a gift that accurately encompasses the affection and appreciation you have for your softball coach then this one is another great option. The Coach frame comes with a dedicated space for a photo of the coach with its team and ample space to write a heartfelt and endearing note. The mounted frame comes in 16 different stunning colors that you can choose from- maybe even your coach’s favorite color!

Personalized Gifts

6. Customized Softball Ball & Bat

Customized Softball Ball & Bat

This custom-engraved mini baseball bat and ball makes for an extremely thoughtful gifting option for many different occasions like your coach’s retirement or even their wedding! The bat and ball can be customized to include the coach’s name, terms of endearment or a witty quip.

7. Customized Softball Wall Decal

Customized Softball Wall Decal

This customized softball wall decal is bound to liven up their boring living space with an athletic vibe. The best part is that it is truly versatile- from their bedroom to their living room to their office, they can mount it anywhere! The decal has a premium matte vinyl finish and can be personalized to include the coach’s name.

8. Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug

Want to keep it simple but sweet? Do it with this personalized softball coach travel mug. The mug has double-wall insulation and a sleek design to make the ultimate style statement. Not to forget that it can be customized to add the coach’s name on the top line and a special message on the bottom line.

Sports Accessories

9. Bucket Organizer

Softball Bucket Organizer

Coaches always have tons of training equipment that they need to carry on to the field. This 6-gallon bucket organizer is a great way for coaches to keep all their sports equipment, neatly in one place. The organizer has a wide range of pockets that can accommodate anything from game balls to scorebooks and bats. The soft-cushioned top can be used as a make-shift seat for coaches during long practice sessions.

10. Softball Bat Bag

Softball Bat Bag

Looking for an organizational item that can hold adult-size softball bats? We have got you covered! This Easton Backpack Bag has two side pockets that can hold either water bottles or bats and the main compartment large enough to hold a batting helmet. All your training equipment in one place- all you have to do is fling it across your shoulder and you are good to go!

11. Softball Tumbler

Softball Tumbler

For someone who is going to be on the pitch for hours, this softball-themed tumbler is nothing short of a blessing! The triple-insulated, stainless steel tumbler keeps beverages hot for over 12 hours and cold for over 24 hours. The softball ball pattern on the outside makes it a great gift for a softball coach.

12. Polarized Sports Glasses

Polarized Sports Glasses

Give your favorite coach the gift of both UV protection and style! These polarized sports glasses come in 3 interchangeable lenses and have been a real game changer in terms of performance and durability. They are just the right accessory for the outdoor activity of any kind.

Coaching Essentials

13. Batting Swing Trainer

Batting Swing Trainer

If you are looking for some epic training equipment to gift your softball coach, then this portable batting swing trainer is just the right thing! With different pitch speeds, it can be used for both static practice and as a moving simulator.  It might seem a little expensive, but its durable steel frame, adjustable height feature and high-visibility target makes it worth every penny!

14. Softball Coach Clipboard

Softball Coach Clipboard

Chances are that your coach already has one of these. But a new clipboard never hurt anybody! Especially when it is such an integral part of training. This one comes with a marker and an eraser and is ideal for devising match-day tactics and strategies.

15. Practice Net

Softball Practice Net

Here’s another great training essential that you can gift your softball coach. With its sturdy steel frame, a distinctive hex shape pocket for collecting balls and a bonus strike zone attachment, this net is the ultimate training buddy for pitchers, batters, catchers and outfielders, alike.

16. Pocket Radar

Pocket Radar for Softball Coach

Feeling generous and want to splurge on your favorite softball coach? This pocket radar smart coach will help you do just that! Besides measuring different velocities like pitching speed, shooting speed and serving speed, etc, they can hook it up to the Pocket Radar App to store data and record and share video content.

17. Batting Tee

Batting Tee

Last of the training essentials this batting tee is designed for players of different ages and skill levels. It is sturdy but also equally easy to assemble so it will last them a long period of time.

Sports Décor

18. Softball Display Case

Softball Display Case

Perfect for both storage and as a decorative item for their softball collection, this display case is one-of-a-kind. Made of top-quality solid wood, it comes with UV protection and a lockable door. Let your favorite coach flaunt their victories with championship balls, balls autographed by famous players and more!

19. Softball Bat Display

Softball Bat Display

Pair this large, 18” bat display case with the softball display cabinet and you got yourself an epic gift, ideal for occasions like your coach’s birthday or retirement. The custom rod holders fitted inside the case will allow them to create a stunning display of 30 standard-size softball bats.

20. Glove Ball Holder

Glove Ball Holder

When it comes to sports décor, this one is a real winner! Not only can they use it to display their favorite ball, but it can also be customized to include an engraved, gold-finish plate. From the coach’s name to the duration of their tenure, anything can go on the plate!

21. Coach Wood Word

Coach Wood Word

We love gifts that are both thoughtful and artistically capture the affection and admiration one has for their softball coach. And this coachwood word shelf desk décor ticks off all the boxes!  A great accent piece to display at the coach’s workspace, this ornamental display can also be customized to include the names and messages of team players.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are a 10-year-old kid struggling to lift the bat off of the home base or a seasoned player hoping to make it to the district team, coaches are a significant part of every player’s life. And at the end of the day, your gift should be a reflection of the love, respect and appreciation you have for your favorite softball coach. 

Got more brilliant gift ideas for softball coaches? Let us know!

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