Christmas Gifts Basketball Players & Fans Will Actually Use

If your loved one is a hardcore basketball player or fan, shopping for something basketball-oriented won’t be trouble-free. Knowing this situation, we have tried to compose a list of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players and fans. 

Here are some worth giving gift ideas that can make a basketball enthusiast as happy as a lark. Because our list includes some useful tools that can help a basketball player to refine his/her gaming skills.

Other than this, we don’t just bring forth skill-related gift options for basketball players and fans, rather we have ensured including some fashion-specific gift options in the basketball category. 

Being that, this write-up needs you to take a quick plunge into it. Maybe, you will get a unique and inspiring gift for a basketball player or fan.

Top Recommendations 

1. Nice Dream Basketball Player Dunk Night Light

Nice Dream Basketball Player Dunk Night Light

Your kid has a burning desire for playing basketball and you want to light this passion for the game. You probably got your kid a starter basketball kit, yet are looking for a thing that can constantly inspire the imagination. There comes this 3D basketball-inspired LED  night light as your lifesaver. The unit emits multi colors and enhances the look of your little champs’ room. You won’t regret giving it to a basketball-obsessed kid who has just turned 5 or is 5+ of age. Fortunately, you don’t have to make changes to the room of your kid for placing this particular lamp since it bears an incredible space-saving design. The coolest feature of this night lamp is its soft light that never harms the eyes of the youngest basketball champ.

2. Basketball footwear

Basketball footwear

Get a basketball player a nice pair of athletic shoes and allow the passionate soul ultimately thank you later. Yet, before buying basketball shoes, you need to keep two factors in mind: the shoes’ design and the comfort they offer. Thanks to Nike who knows the needs of basketball players very well and has introduced these stylish, comfortable, and performance-delivering basketball shoes. They fit extremely well and provide ankle support and guard the feet to the maximum. The best part is your loved one can wear these shoes for daily life, be it on a casual college day or a routine walk. To make these shoes last for decades, clean them as suggested. 

3. Basketball Jerseys

Basketball Jerseys

When choosing one of the best gifts for basketball lovers, a basketball jersey comes in handy. Before getting a basketball jersey for your guy, you need to be specific about the size and material of a basketball jersey. Also, basketball jerseys bear tank-top style as the basketball players and fans wear them indoors. This particular jersey allows you to customize the number, name, and team name on it. Ask the service provider to make it ready for you as you’re expecting. The jersey has a slim fit design and is made with meshable fabric to provide its wearer the much-needed comfort.

4. In-Ground Basketball Hoop

In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Among the list of gifts for basketball players, the significance of an indoor basketball hoop remains unparalleled. This extraordinary and slightly expensive basketball hoop might help a struggler to become a state-level champion when he/she would daily use it for practicing and refining the game skills. Contrary to several indoor basketball hoops that are awful when it comes to performance, this workhorse performs very well. Get this to your boyfriend or boy as a wonderful Christmas gift or a VDay gift to brush up the basketball skills. Since it’s a unisex product, you can consider giving it to anyone who loves playing basketball. The expensive price tag shouldn’t break the deal since this product is promised to last for years and is backed up by a 5-years warranty.

5. Basketball Pendant Necklace

Basketball Pendant Necklace

Many NBA legends are trendsetters in the fashion industry as they love wearing gold chains, bracelets, ear studs, and so on. Therefore, a basketball pendant makes a great Christmas gift for basketball players and fans. Yet, a gold necklace or a diamond pendant can cost an arm and leg. Thankfully, some basketball necklaces are very modestly priced. Without breaking the bank, you could give this metallic necklace bearing a basketball hanging in the middle of it. Not just a basketball lover, but a rapper or a college student who’s a fan of basketball player would love wearing it. With its stylish design, it surely makes its wearer the center of attraction in the crowd.

6. Personalized Basketball Gift

Personalized Basketball Gift

If you want to make your gift stand apart from the common gifts, then give it a personalized touch. It will show the receiver your emotional connectivity. So, if you don’t want to give a basketball enthusiast a generic basketball, jersey, or a basketball hoop, consider this option. This basketball name art frame comes with a twist, for it features letters that have the theme of basketball. Whether you want to customize the name of your guy or you want to print a famous NBA player’s name as a token of your love, get it done with this name art frame. 

7. Basketball Rebounder Net Return System

If your loved one is addicted to basketball, you might not have an idea how laborious the job is. Working on the free throws and catching the ball by own is quite nerve-shattering. On the flip side, if the ball comes automatically to the player who’s practicing the shots, the time saves to half and the labor too. So, if you’re not tight-fisted, then get a basketball rebounder net return system. This lifesaving device is a useful tool for honing the skills of a basketball player. This system rebounds the basketball automatically and helps increase the number of shots to maximize the attempts in becoming a pro in the field.

8. NBA Authentic Series Basketballs

NBA Authentic Series Basketballs

A basketball player isn’t short of an authentic basketball, so don’t you think getting a new one could make the best rig. So, if you’re looking for a real deal, then consider giving this NBA-series basketball. You can select from three different sizes to gift it to a kid, a woman, or a man. Since it is manufactured by Wilson, you can be sure about its usefulness. It is pumped up nicely and bounces perfectly and consistently. The seams are fine and so is the grip. Make your loved one happy by adding a valuable basketball gift to the basketball arsenal of your hobbyist.

9. 600 Basketball Cards

600 Basketball Cards

Basketball lovers are often obsessed with collecting cards that contain the entire history of this game. If your guy is also crazy about collecting unique basketball cards, then this makes the perfect gift. The cards include legendary basketball figures including Michael Jordan, Pippen, Barkley, Shaq, Hakeem, and many others. To build the imagination of a basketball fan, these cards are extremely valuable. The imagery on these cards opens endless possibilities for building a unique card collection on a basketball theme.

10. Ceiling Swish: Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

Ceiling Swish: Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

If you’ve discovered your kid is showing a deep interest in basketball, and you want to help the younger passionate in developing the game skills, then this one is what you’re after. A ceiling swish indoor mini basketball hoop would make the game entirely challenging as there would be the chance to work on the shots at early ages. This option is also great for perfecting the motor skills in your child as this gift enables the kid to keep coordination between hands and eyes. Who knows if the early years of learning this game may turn your child into a future basketball star?


Getting a perfect Christmas gift for a basketball player or fan is quite overwhelming since you have quite limited options. Yet, you can get the right one for your loved one if you get the slightest hint about his/her needs. To name a few, we have listed 10 popular Christmas gifts for a basketball lover. Grab the one you think fits the taste of your player the most.