21 Memorable 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister in 2022

Gift-giving is truly an art. And while you might have the strongest bond with your sister, getting her a great gift for an occasion as special and momentous as her 50th birthday can be nothing short of a challenge. That’s why we are here to help! We have put together a list of 21 unique and fun birthday gift ideas that can truly amp up your sister’s half century celebration 

Before we dive into our top 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for sisters, let’s look at a few things we must keep in mind while finalizing the present. 

Tips for Buying the perfect 50th present for Your Sister

  1. Health over Wealth:  The older you get, the more attention you are compelled to give to your body and mind. Instead of blindly purging, give your sister something that supports a healthier lifestyle and helps her achieve it. 
  2. Walk down the Memory Lane: When you hit 50, a major chunk of your life has been converted into memories. A gift that is a nostalgic reminder of the ‘good ol’ days’ is simple yet priceless. 
  3. Fun but Functional: While the ‘wow’ moments are preserved for 5-years old, gifts that are practical and have long-term benefits will be received more positively by a 50 year-old.  

21 Epic Ideas for Sister’s 50th Birthday Gift 

Top Recommendations 

Of all the 50th birthday gift ideas for your sister, here are our two absolute favorites: 

  1. Cheese Board Set  

If you are one of those whose sister always throws the most epic parties, with the most lavish spread, then it only makes sense to bring out the big guns on her 50th birthday celebration.  This elaborate cheese board set, comes with a charcuterie board, cutlery tools, ceramic sauce bowls and a round fruit tray. It is both an excellent present and a great way to impress your guests. 

  1. Personalized Keepsake Box

A personalized gift is like a warm hug- it is thoughtful, it requires time and it’s made just for the recipient! A great 50th birthday gift idea for your sister can be a multi-keep, personalized wooden keepsake box. You can get your sister’s initials or something even more memorable engraved on the lid. 


  1. Relaxing Spa Gift Box 

Bring the comfort of the spa to her home, on her 50th birthday, with a Relaxing Spa Gift Box. This elegantly designed box is filled with 4 beautifully packaged items including a ‘Not A Day Over Fabulous,’ stainless steel tumbler, a bath bomb, a diamond soap and two scented candles, all in the shade of rose gold. This luxurious gift box will not only make your sister feel loved but will also give her a well-deserved relaxing experience.

  1. Jade Massager Tool Set 

Aging can be rough on your sister’s  skin once she turns 50. It can make her skin dull, wrinkled and even inflamed. Give your sister the gift of youth on her 50th birthday with this 3-in-1 Jade Massager Tool Set. It is a complete set containing  a Jade Roller, an Ice Roller and a Jade Gua Sha Tool. Together these tools cool down your skin, tighten pores and visibly reduce wrinkles to give you glowing, more youthful skin. 

  1. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Does your sister like fizzy bubbles, funky colors and fun scents? If yes, then this 24 Bath Bombs Gift Set is just the perfect present for her 50th birthday. The set consists of 4 boxes, each packed with six different scents and colors to amp up your bath time. All the ingredients used in these bath bombs are 100% organic so they are completely safe for adults’ skin. 

  1. Compact Mirror with Message 

You know those people who always have a great sense of humor, whether they are 16 and sober or 50 and fabulous? If your sister happens to be one of these people, then we have the perfect gift for her!  This compact mirror with a funny message engraved on it is handy for both when you are on the go and when you are looking for a good chuckle. 


  1. Bluetooth Sleep Headband

The more numbers you add to your age, the more you realize the importance of sleep and nap time. For all those 50-years old ladies out there who are always looking to make sleep more relaxing and peaceful, this Bluetooth-enabled Sleep Headband makes for a great present. It is light-weight & comfortable and allows you to listen to calm, soothing music as you fall into deep sleep. It also works well for meditation and workout. 

  1. Neck & Back Massager with Heat 

As the years pass, muscle soreness and reduced joint mobility becomes quite common. This all-in-one neck and back massager not only stimulates muscle movement and blood circulation for an ideal massage, it also makes for a great 50th birthday gift for your sister. The heat setting is particularly useful to relieve neck or back pain. 

  1. Fitness Watch 

Nothing beats a Health & Fitness Smartwatch like Fitbit Versa 3 to accompany your sister on her journey towards better health, once she hits the half-century mark. While it’s a tad bit of an expensive gift, the smartwatch is packed with features:  like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, active zone minutes, stress management and sleeping tracking make it worth every penny! 

  1. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

 The older you get, the more important hydration becomes. With the Brimma Fruit Infuser Water Bottle you can now stay well hydrated while also enjoying the taste of your favorite fruit. You can infuse any fruit into your water, from lemons and limes to berries and even mint leaves for a detoxifying effect. 


  1. 50th Pendant Necklace  

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend! And what better way to celebrate fifty fabulous years of your sister’s life than to gift her a stunning Sterling Silver Necklace with a commemorative message. The pendant necklace reads the epic message: ‘It took 50 years of life journey to become this fabulous and the best is yet to come.’ It is multi-layered and comes complete with a box chain and lobster clamp.  

  1. Pendant Necklace

Another statement piece for all the beautiful 50-year old ladies we call ‘sisters’ out there! This one is a delicate, knotted motif in sterling silver, decorated with diamond accents to create a truly timeless piece. 


  1. Recipe Card Gift Box 

By the time your sister is 50, chances are that she has collected a buckload of kitchen recipes; some you enjoyed at Thanksgiving dinners, others that have travelled through generations in the family. What better gift than a colorful, beautifully patterned recipe box to keep all her culinary wisdom in? The Jot & Mark Recipe Card Complete Gift Box consists of a decorative tin box, 14 index dividers and 50 recipe cards.  

  1. Insulated Coffee Mug 

Sometimes getting a gift that is simple and functional is the right way to go. This set of 4 glass coffee mugs have double walls for insulation, creating a unusual optical illusion and bringing your everyday cup of coffee to life. 


  1. Customized Bathrobe

Turning 50 means that it’s time for you to pamper yourself more often.  Nothing speaks luxury like a plush microfleece robe with a shawl collar and a belted waist. But hold up! The best part is yet to come. The lush robe also comes with the option of customization so you can get your sister’s name or her initials embroidered on the robe.

  1. Fitness Shoes 

While heels can make you feel like you can conquer the world, as you get older you realize that all you want from your shoes is comfort and ease. These fitness shoes from Nike might seem a little costly but the comfort level they offer is ideal for a 50-year old sister. 

  1. Knit Cardigan

Going back to the basics of gift-giving; this loose, open front, long sleeve knit cardigan is perfect for every occasion. And it also has pockets! Not to forget that there are over 30 colors that you can pick from.

  1. Faux Leather Handbag 

Leather is the ultimate fashion statement. This top-handle faux leather bag from Aldo makes a great present for a 50-year old sister that is fashion obsessed. It has a removable cross body strap, gold chains and accents and comes in two color variants. 


  1. Memories Box 

Gifts that reflect upon the precious memories you have made with your sister are truly sentimental and priceless. Take her back in time to some of your fondest moments and your greatest adventures with this keepsake memories box. You can fill it up with polaroids of your favorite pictures with her, relics and ornaments you might have saved from your time together and lots & lots of wishes!


  1. Personalized Tumblers 

Want to get something thoughtful and useful on a budget? Go for these beautiful yet functional, customized tumblers. Once you select the color you like, you can pick a design, a text message and even your sister’s name and initials to go on the coffee mug. The mug comes with a spill proof lid so you can sip your coffee with ease, while you are on the move. 

  1. Initial Heart Pendant

Customized jewelry is all the rage these days. So why not get some for your sister’s 50th birthday? These 10k silver sterling, initial heart pendants make for a charming personalized present. The metal of the necklace can also be customized to pick from yellow and rose gold, white and rose gold and white gold, etc. 

Final Thoughts 

Next time your sister’s 50th birthday is around the corner or you are looking for gift ideas for a 90-year-old woman. We hope that you jump over to this space for some epic ideas and inspiration. If she is a moon lover then we even have moon-related gift ideas which will leave her pleasantly surprised. Do not forget that at the end of the day, whether you gift your sister an expensive watch or a $2 personalized card, it is the thought and sentiment that matters, not the actual value of the gift. 

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